No order confirmation email or order shown on website


I placed an order and the payment went through and took the money out of the account. There was no email confirmation and no order on my fanatec account. Usually I don't care but with zero confirmation anywhere besides money taken out has me a bit worried.

just want confirmation that the order has actually gone through don't even care when it's getting shipped. Bit of a joke to take the money out and not provide confirmation.

this is already over 24 hours since purchase


  • Hello to all,

    I have the same problem. I bought and paid yesterday with PayPal (>24h). The payment was successfull but I didn't receive mail and in my account oder section there isn't order.

    I wrote immediately an email but at the moment no answer from FANATEC.

    It's unaccettable.

  • Yep exact same through PayPal....

    like I'm not worried if it takes 3 days to process but a confirmation email saying that it will be processed should have happened. This is honestly insane that there's no evidence anywhere of it being paid. I've also read up about this happening in the past and not being resolved for months. If it doesn't get resolved this week I'll be contacting the ACCC in my country. the consumer regulators would be having a field day with this

  • I did the same thing, he took the money with the bank card and there is no sign of what I ordered. Neither email nor the order appeared on the website.

  • Tomorrow you guys receive an invoice (latest on Tuesday)

  • Not sure about that, did some research and previously people didn't receive anything for weeks from support

  • Just updating that someone from fanatec emailed me after I emailed their support team. They could not find the order form and thus now refunded me.

    did a repurchase of the same items as the Black Friday deal was still on and now have the details properly.

  • Van-e új információ?

  • I ordered it 24.11, paid with mastercard and i didn't get any information to this day

  • This site is a wind up there is no company called fanatec , ordered off them. No more contact i could have walked to the coast of ireland, swam to France walked to germany, packed the shipment myself and carried it back to ireland while i have been waiting. Ah well lets see how long mastercard take to get my moneyback

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