Delivery cost button caps


am I the only one having the thoughts that 11 eur for button caps sticker for delivery in EU is crazy … but then nearly fainted when seeing that 2 pack of stickers would be 26 eur delivery?

I am really suprized and annoyed by this crazy delivery pricing… I guess I will buy the stickers somewhere else… and feel really sorry that my big order was sent the day before the stickers were advertized (not really convinced by the day after day reveal of this year BF if I am honest… )

i know this is UPS and not Fanatec but this still seems crazy :/

If this could help for futute logistics improvement I hope thos feedback will be read somewhere and hope you folks found great deals during BF at Fanatec :p


  • Always been my biggest gripe with Fanatec is shipping items separate instead of in a single over pack box to save postage

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