Is the FFB that strong - or did I set it up wrong?

Hi there,

just upgraded from a G29 to a CSL DD 8Nm.

Normally I play ETS2 / ATS - but did not find "the perfect" settings yet.

I also want to drive some laps with Race Room.

But I am a bit shocked how strong the wheel feels! I installed FanaLab and have chosen the recommended profile. But for me driving is almost impossible. Turning the wheel is that strong that my wrists are hurting after 3 laps.

Turning the wheel is very very strong - but the feeling when loosing control etc. is not there - or better not feelable because of the strong turning power.

Is that a normal behavior? Or did I mess up my settings?

As far as I understood, a DD wheel helps to correct my car way faster than a belt wheel or gear wheel - but now it isn´t - it´s so strong, that I cannot turn the wheel fast.




  • Allan LehtlaAllan Lehtla Member
    edited November 2023

    when you jump from G29 to 8nm, then difference is huge but that feeling goes away over time as you muscle goes stronger.

    if you hands not ready yet for 8nm , you can lower that nm for now

  • Sounds like your damping is set too high. That's the primary function of the setting - to make the wheel slower to react to quick changes in rotation. Small amounts can help prevent unwanted oscillation, but too much can make the wheel feel sluggish and make it difficult to react quickly.

    Either turn down/ off NDP on the wheel, or on whatever damping settings are being used in the game itself.

  • Allan LehtlaAllan Lehtla Member
    edited November 2023

    there is 6 nm difference with 2nm vs 8nm user may not be ready yet when he directly jumps to 8nm

    the same feeling what he tell all those user who buy them self now clubsport dd start feel the same feeling

  • I'm aware of the difference in torque. But when he says that he's not feeling it when losing traction because the wheel feels too heavy, that to me says that his damping is probably too high.

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