QR2 and DD Pro ... no more Compatibility Mode ?

Every thing thing is in the title, I've just upgrade my DD pro avec my wheels with QR2 system, and I can see that the compatibily mode CSW didn't work anymore ?

I've try to downgrade with ancient driver, but its still the same :

DD pro + QR2 --> compability mode (yellow light) didn't work anymore

Some of my favorites games need the CSW mode to work !!

Help !!😓


  • problem solved, don't ask me why, but its works...

    what I've done --> drivers 454 --> firmware uprade --> problem with compability mode... (try with various games, wheel isn't seen when the light is yellow.

    uninstall drivers 454 --> downgrade drivers 452 --> problem

    uninstall 452--> downgrade 445--> problem

    uninstall 445--> upgrade 454--> solved

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