Vibration on EA WRC with CSL DD 8Nm


I have a CSL DD 8 Nm and a CSL elite steering wheel WRC

I have bought the new EA WRC game 

My problem is about the Force Feedback

I have a big vibration in the wheel when I drive (low speed and high speed)in straght line. It’s like *clac clac clac* in straight line or in corner.

So I’ve changed some settings (multiple times), I’ve checked on internet some setup already done by players, but nothing work.

The only way to correct this is to put the wheel friction to 0. But with this, the feeling is inexistant. 

Oh and I play on other game without any problem with the same setup (iracing, Dirt Rallye 2.0, Assetto Corsa) 

I don’t know if you have any solution. Or if it’s my Wheelbase who Is not working anymore 


  • That's how it is. Must be a poorly calculated road effect that comes to the steering wheel in low resolution. It should probably be a vibration, but it becomes similar to a screw rolling inside the steering gear.

    INT = 20 seems to dampen it, but makes the gravel too flat.

    I just stopped looking for a solution, and now it doesn't bother me as much.

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