what qr2 should i get

i have the gran torismo 8nm wheel and pedal set. It has the standard wheel attachment, but it clunks when i turn wheel back and forth quickly. I think if i upgrade to the qr2 that will fix this problem. But not sure which one i should get. Looks like there are 3 different kinds. Any opinions on what would be a good fit for my setup?


  • Depends on your intended budget.

  • The standard QR2 would be my suggestion as it is comparable to the Pro in quality without the big price and is stronger than the Lite.

    Good luck

  • You don't need the Pro version, Lite is supposed to be ok but if you have the money get the standard QR2. Had mine a month now and very happy with it.

  • Liam GannonLiam Gannon Member
    edited November 2023

    Depends on your setup and budget. I’ve got a desk setup and run a csl dd so I opted for the QR2 lite. If I ever upgrade to 8nm PSU I might consider the QR2 but until then, I’m happy with what I’ve got.

    saying that, I’m looking at purchasing the BMW club sport wheel so will have to opt for a standard QR2 as QR2 lite isn’t compatible.

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