CS DD update?

Fanatec please update us on the status of our orders. Mine has been showing in progress for weeks. I wouldn’t be so frustrated if there was clear communication. I understand delays happen but that’s where the communication comes in.


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    @Thomas Jackermeier

    I don't think it is too much to ask for a weekly update on the delivery of what is your signature product. Considering it takes Customer Service 14 days or so to respond and in some cases are just a boiler plate e-mail stating nothing more than requesting patience and understanding.

    Come on Thomas, step up.

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    Let us know if you guys receive any update this week, I just saw your other post @David deGreef and it would be kinda what the hell if I go ahead and order another DD and have it shipped tomorrow...

  • I had a good experience preordering CSL DD and getting it when promised two years ago. Hoped the same will be with CS DD.

    Preorder it in Europe on launch day within an hour on October 13. No priority for early preorders, and the availability date moved from the 4th to the 28th, finally got my letter about the processed order 8 days ago on 21st and fully shipped status, but still no shipping code, nothing.

    Thanks, Fanatec, you really know how to let loyal customers down :)

  • Loyal and first time customers.

  • Mine started moving today but who knows if it will get they Hamburg looking at Reddit and other people's problems in the UK

  • I take my words back, I received it today out of nowhere. No tracking info was provided but it's better late than never!

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