So what does the BBB think of Fanatec USA?

So a few more days go by and the BF order I placed has been listed as Completely Shipped this past Sunday, no tracking number as of yet but sure that is to arrive 'soon'. Oh boy, that's exciting.

The In Progress status of 18 days and counting for my CS DD my patience and understanding are running thin to say the least.

I am not alone in asking for transparency, definition of shipping terms, lead times for change of status, basic updates as to how backorders are progressing and on and on. And being ignored as if accepting our money wasn't enough to warrant real answers.

I'm beginning to think this whole thing is a vast waste of my time. So I decided to see how Fanatec USA fared with the Better Business Bureau aka BBB. A solid 'C', check out the criteria the BBB has for determining ratings here.

If this forum is any indication I'd say they were generous in their grade. If Fanatec won't respond in a more professional manner I think it is time to ensure that organizations such as the BBB are aware. Consumer Advocate groups may be a viable next step for those that are fed up with the arrogant business practices exhibited by Fanatec.

Like the product, hate the way I'm being treated.


  • To be clear when I say being ignored, I did receive a generic e-mail stating my order was 'stuck in the system' whatever that means?

    Having worked in all facets of manufacturing including QMS, ERP, purchasing, inventory control, continuous improvement as well as starting out operating machinery 'stuck in the system' was never an excuse I heard for not having product, unscheduled downtime, or accounting for bottlenecks. To me 'stuck in the system' is someone failing to do their job and a convenient way of making it sound like it is an uncontrolled occurrence that will take an unforeseen act of god to correct. Pathetic, really.

  • 100% agree. The CSDD is now showing on the site as in stock and ready to ship, meanwhile us who reserved early can't get one, nor even receive any contact about what is happening. I fear the only way Fanatec isn't going to sweep this under the rug, is if there is a lawsuit, or if multiple sim racing youtube channels/communities make it a mission to hold them accountable, and force the CEO to at least acknowledge the abysmal way the company is being run.

  • Ready to Ship + My Order placed on Oct 21 + No e-mail notification + No change in order status = Nothing to worry about, right? LOL

  • So if I understand it correctly, your „red status in progress“ order was shipped? Or isn’t it?

  • There has been no change to my CS DD order since Nov 10. In Progress with red box.

  • Oh man, and when I see this much posts about people who got this problem also and the stuff is just ignore them, I feel pretty bad about my purchase… but I want this setup.

    nobody wants to help or give official informations. It’s the first time I see a „serious“ company act like this. It’s pretty sad.

  • Agreed, just can't understand their stance on the lack of real communication. The latest post regarding BF orders in regards to Completely Shipped means that product will leave warehouse in 10 days or so. What? Terminology is all we have to go with and it is ambiguous at best.

  • Just check my order and it has changed status to 'The order is in process' with a blue square along with the Cancel Order button available.

    No e-mail or DM

  • You mean the red box order or you mean a different?

    you have to say that everytime because you placed more orders 😅

  • Apologies for the confusion, the CS DD order now has the Blue Box

    The Formula v2.5x from BF is unchanged at Completely Shipped with no tracking number

  • so there is no cancellation which are good news :) it gives a little hope for me and my big purchase which has already a red box. Thx for the update

  • Im on day 88 waiting on my order 1785251 (prev 1740740) now. EXTREAMLY poor handling and customerservice. SOLVE THIS FANATEC!!!

  • I’m in the same boat as everyone else on this thread regarding any sort of notifications, responses from the company etc. This morning I called their HQ in Germany. If you use their menu to try to navigate to customer service there is a recording saying essentially they’re too busy to take calls. The customer service voice mail box is full. So I called back and navigated to technical support. Again, no human answered but I was able to leave a voicemail asking for order status. I suspect it will do no good but one can hope. I’ll post again with any progress.

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