New 454 Drivers

Is anyone in Fanatec dealing with this issues

The new drivers are not working, my standalone CSL Elite pedals with loadcell brake are not recognised anymore in the software

its asking for a wheelbase, I dont have one, just the pedals



  • This is what I get!!

  • There's not even pedals on there, just a wheel base

  • i have same issue updated 454 driver (also did wheelbase firmware at same time) and now my pedals are not found. windows still sees them but not any game or fanatec control panel

  • used the stock phone cord cable and plugged into the wheelbase and its is working but i don't want to run it that way as all my cables are already run the other way

  • When you connect your pedals and they are not shown in the Control Panel then you can have a look into the WIndows Device Manager if there is a device with a yellow exclamation mark which indicates there is a problem with the device. Sometimes Windows disables USB devices after driver updates, you would just need to right-click on the device and click on "Enable" again.

  • Maurice after testing 454 in know now what I believed that is the electric rush in the base/wheel .Since 454 all my dd1 dd2 and all three Formula F1 the rumble Motors inside the wheel rotates .You can do what you want the Motors inside the wheels are still on when you power on the base .That is not a good feeling and it annoys me .I have try to shut vibration off but it don’t know now

  • There are loads of us having similar issues. I logged a ticket with fanatec a week ago & have heard nothing.

  • Same issue here, any solution? I need one NOW as the race will start in 20 mins

  • Maurice i have test third time the rustle comes from the Base .I have now connect the QR2 on my BMW GT2 V2 that have no rumble motors same rustle is it from the QR2 that it feels so strange .Whether electricity was going through the wheel that feels not good .All my three DD has this now with QR2.Then I fire up my Simucube Pro there is nothing like this .What is that

  • Yes but I will wait 100Years for a answer from support what this should be .Okay thanks

  • I have a CSL DD 8Nm with CSL Pedals. After updating firmware, driver v454 and fanalab v2.01.12 games recognize clutch as a button instead of a pedal. There is no traveling in games but on Fanatec APP it works just fine. Couldn't find any solution for days.

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    Update: I rolled back to older driver versions as 451, 452 but it is still the same. No clutch pedal in games. It got even worse, now steering wheel doesn't register around 30 degrees from the center to the right and wheel stays 30 degrees on right hand side as centered in games. Everything looks still fine and well calibrated on fanatec app until I launch a game. I think latest firmware update killed my wheel. How can I revert firmware? I can't use my Fanatec products which I've bought 2 months ago.. It is totally useless now. It is really unbelievable. I hope I don't need to wait 100 years too for an answer from FANATEC! 😤

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    The "re-enable" under device manager did the trick, Thanks Maurice, but sadly it was too late for the race, so I got a DNS.

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