Sim lab gt1 evo bolts for Gt did pro and csl elite pedals v2

edited November 2023 in Third-Party Hardware

Which bolts I need to use for mounting a Fanatec gran turismo dd pro wheel base, csl elite pedals v2 and the shifter with handbrake.

I’ve ordered the gt1 evo but it will take a while to be delivered and I would like to be prepared.

The one thing I miss is the thick of the wheel base mounting plate and the pedal mounting plate so I can already go the hardware store to buy the specific bolt with the right length.

Or anyone of you already know which length I need, I mean I know that:

Wheel base: 3 x M6x(10+X) mm 

Pedal: M8x(25+X)mm

Shifter: M6x4 Maximum screw length inside unit 15mm

Where X is the thickness of the plate I am mounting it on.


  • I’ve assembled it, maybe it will be helpful for someone, I’ve used for the wheel m6 15mm, for the shifter m6 15mm (since both plate are 5mm thick)

    While for the pedals I’ve used 2 M8 30 mm, and 2 m6 30mm (for the throttle and the brake)

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