EA WRC RALLY, Gran Turismo DD Pro Wheel Base with Formula V2.5

Hello all WRC Rally 2023 players,

I wanted to share my setup and settings that I use on my Xbox Series X. I've found these settings to provide the best experience, especially the FFS setting which I find extremely important. Contrary to the general recommendation of using "PEAK", I've chosen "LINEAR" and was pleasantly surprised by the improved feel it offered.

Here are my settings:

Wheel Setup:

- Fanatec Clubsport Steering Wheel Formula V2.5 X + QR 1

- Podium Advanced Paddle Module (6 paddles)

- Button caps and sticker set

Wheel Base:

- Fanatec Gran Turismo DD Pro Wheel Base (8Nm + 5Nm)


- Fanatec Clubsport Pedals V3

- Brake Performance Kit

- Damper Kit

Wheel Base Settings:

- SEN: 360

- FFB: 100


- NDP: 20

- NFR: 10

- NIN: 20

- INT: 3

- FEI: 100

- BLI: 65



- BRF: 50

Game Settings:

- Steering Linearity: 2

- Soft Lock: On

- Vibration and Feedback: On

- Self Aligning Torque: 58

- Suspension: 125

- Tyre Slip: 90

- Engine: 50

- Collision: 100

- Soft Lock: 75

- Steering Centre Force: On

I hope these settings help you enhance your experience in WRC Rally 2023!


  • Missed some setting.


    Camera FOV (Head Cam) - 65

    Camera FOV (External Cameras)


    Transmission: Manual Sequential

    Clutch Control: Automatic

    ABS - 0

    Off-Trottle Braking - 0

    Throttle Limiter - 0

    Traction Control - 0

    Stability Control - 0

    Time Control Braking - 0

    Automatic Wipers - On

    Start Line Assist - On

    Automatic Repairs - On

    Thats it, please try this settings, you will not regret it!

  • How is rallying with that V2.5 wheel?

    You’re a much braver man than I am… 😂

  • Initially, I was quite skeptical and thought about getting a WRC wheel to capture the total joy of the game. But I couldn't have been more wrong. After a lot of tweaking with the settings I've shared, it's absolutely insane how enjoyable it is to rally with an F1 wheel. If you have the opportunity and own the same wheel, I highly recommend trying out my settings. Insanely fun and the feel is just spot on.

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