Clubsport DD (12Nm) - Price increased


I've noticed that today price of Clubsport DD base is 100€ more than yesterday... is this an error?

I have it on my whishlist, waiting for QR2 WS adaptor to become available (otherwise I'd not be able to use new base) . If it's not an error, this is really not fair.


  • Just a word of caution, fair or not, Fanatec's prices rarely drop in price other than Black Friday. And purely speculation on my part the price increase is in reaction to either better than expected sales of the DD, or perhaps slower than expected pre-orders of the DD+, or both.

    With the latter being, as of now, unreleased product reducing the price on the DD+ is less desirable, to increase sales, than raising the price of the DD. As a gap of $200 may be enough for some to forego the DD for the DD+ and for Fanatec that is a win/win.

    No less easier to swallow, but it is supply and demand. Just a creative way of doing it. Again just my thoughts.

    Good Luck with your decision.

  • I can understand a supply and demand point of view, but they announced this base with a specified price. Also reviews that can be found online talked about that price of 700€.

    This base is also on stock at the moment, so there is no lack on supply to justify such an increase for me.

  • An price increase on what looks like ample inventory now on the CS DD leads me to believe it was the latter in my assessment that sales for the CS DD+ is not to the levels they had hoped for. Some of it may because the gap is sufficient enough for some to forego the added 3 Nm vs $300 (which was me). And even now with a $200 gap I would still take the CS DD.

    Long term speculation for me is the DD1 and DD2 will be discontinued and replaced with a 20 Nm and 25 Nm constant torque and will be in the 1,500/2,000k range and the CS DD+ will increase to $1100 to get that $300 gap back.

    What really puzzles me is the Limited Edition F1 wheels that are shown at a discount, but that's another can of worms.

  • If reason of this increase could be that (I mean not reached target for DD+), I guess one of element is QR2 WS sold out. No one will spend immediately 800+€ and wait 2 months to receive everything. That is same for me, otherwise I'd already bought it.

  • I expect the CS DD price increase is designed to make the price point of the new CS F1 and GT Extreme bases look better value.

  • CS DD+ is too expensive that is a region of top tier bases from others .And that is not a Podium it’s only a Clubsport with PS Chip .I don’t think that the Production of this Base is expensive it is a extended CSL DD with new Shaft .Nobody can tell me that it is Revolution with True Force .When later 3 Games have True Force and nobodyelse what will be with this tech .

  • I belive new Clubsport wheel basis will be amazing, torque power is at good level for most of players and price of 699€ was a sweet spot for me.

    I also think that all new features of this basis will be used on future, once all game developers will support them. So it's also a good piece for future on my idea.

    I opened this topic because of price, that sweet spot is not same as before for me (I mean considering the whole market). Don't take me wrong, 100€ more is not end of life, and sim racing is just an hobby. So I just will wait availability of QR2 WS to take the rest of setup.

  • Dustin GDustin G Member
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    Maybe just priced too close to the standalone 8nm gt dd which was €599. + €200 now for cs dd and then plus €200 for dd+

    then I will bet +€200 for dd1 mk2 and +€200 for dd2 mk2 maybe

  • Feels like a scam to me...

    No announcement of a pre order deal, it's the only base to increase in price, it just feel like they wanted to rob everyone who wanted to wait of 100€

    They should focus on fixing their warehouse and shipping issues instead of increasing their prices, personally i'm now willing to spend 200€ more to buy a base from another company that actually think about their customers

  • Vishnu PatelVishnu Patel Member
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    Do you even know what the word “scam” means nobody is forcing you to buy it, if you don't like tge price don't buy it.

    every year rolex adds around £250/300 to an RRP of a watch (exactly same model). But nobody calls that a scam

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