New cs dd settings ACC pc

are there some ffb settings for acc with the new cs dd 12nm base? are there reccomendations?

or can you copy the settings from a csl dd pro 8nm base


  • To start, copy the DD1 settings but with FFB = 75.

  • So the profiles from Maurice can be used. And then change the ffb strenght tot 75 % is that correct?

  • As mentioned before, just use the standard settings for ACC for the DD1 you can find here in the game section und just raise the ffb up to 75% as a starting point.

    For me FFB on 85% feels much better, but this is just personal preference. you have to tweak the values for your liking, like every time :)

  • You need to make a proportion from DD1 which has 20 Nm. Keep in mind that you will not use all the force. So the parameters for each game are 2, FFB of the game, in this case Gain, and FFB of the steering wheel.

    The clipping comes from the game, so if the testers have worked well, the recommended GAIN value for DD1 and DD2 (60) should be optimized to avoid any clipping and have the best gaming experience. You will adjust wheelbase FFB accordingly. 75% are 9 Nm out of 12, just as 45% are 9 out of 20 for DD1.

    For all other parameters you can also use those recommended for CSL DD if you prefer.

  • Thank you

  • so in the cs dd the ffb will be 75% and in game so it is not going to clipping

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    No, it's just GAIN that adjusts the clipping. With GAIN = 60 there will be no clipping. There will be no clipping in normal gameplay, excluding crashes and off-road excursions. The clipping only comes from the game. With GAIN = 100 you will have clipping in almost all turns.

    FFB in the steering wheel you can adjust it as you want, depending on how much force you want. You still won't have clipping if GAIN = 60.

    FFB = 75 just seems like a good value to start with. Manuel above recommends 85, that's fine, the important thing is that the GAIN inside the game is 60.

  • Does full force something in acc in you have the new cs dd or can you turn it of

  • Full Force is just working in Games which have it integrated by the dev's of the Game.

    At the moment there is no Game Out there where this is implementet, so this Value dont has any influence to ACC nore to another game.

  • Thanks about the update off the full force I leave it off

    Another question about gain and ffb in game when I set ffb of the cs dd to 75% and the gain in the game on 60% the wheel clipps very often on zandvoort

    with my old csl dd pro the ffb was 100% and the gain 60% in game and I had no clipping how is that possible?

  • These settings I use Now in acc with new cs dd


    Ffb: 70%

    Full force: off

    ndp: off

    Nfr: off

    NiN: off

    INT: 1

    Fei: 100%

    For: 100%

    spr: off

    dpr: off

    in game 60 gain

    are thesen settings good with acc and cs dd

    or are the Maurice settings with ffb 70% better?

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