Faulty CSL DD base (brand new)

After some advice on why my brand new CSL DD base has stopped working after 20 mins use.

It arrived yesterday (CSL bundle) so I gave it a test after I stalling the base drivers on Assetto Corsa and everything worked fine.

Today I turned on my pc and the wheel did sort of a calibration and then on Fanatec hub I had zero rotation input, all buttons on the wheel work fine and testing FFB worked as it should but the rotation either doesn't work or is really sporadic like you move the wheel and it jumps from 15% to 45% rotation and then stops all together.

I've tried it on my spare laptop and still the same issue.

I honestly have no idea what's up with it.

Also on occasion the wheel will spin out of control or become really hard to turn and feels notchy...

Any advice would be greatly appreciated as this wheel base bundle isn't even 2 days old and it's already ready for the bin.



  • did you find the solution?? I have a similar problem.

  • zeko zekanzeko zekan Member
    edited December 2023

    did you guys connect the USB base directly to the PC and not via some a USB hub?

    did you install driver 451?

    did you follow the order of what and how to install, as well as the firmware, calibration?

  • I installed 454 :/

  • It's probably some kind of hardware defect, I checked it with several older drivers and nothing helped.

  • never hear this behavior before , so yes it can be

  • It is working now. I connected it to each USB port one by one, and only one works.

  • I'm in the same situation, I was on Fanatec control panel less than 10 mns for the first Time and the wheel base started to smell burn overheating and shutting down so i pushed the buttons again. After some try the DD started again and stopped After 2 mns. This is the same thing try After try. The Wheel base is New i received it 08/12/2023.

  • that indicates to issue where mofset transistor burn out, it seems kind allot happens this with they CSL DD devises

  • Yes After some researchs, this case seems to be really known. I contacted support on 09/12/2023 no answer. Really fun to get a brand New product broken...

  • Finally the new one burned too..

  • This story is completely crazy!

    As you say, in the meantime, we go weeks without driving.

    I'm almost ready to ask for a refund...

    For me, it is not normal for the product to burn after a few hours of play.

    If it is not designed to take too much ffb, then it is a toy far below the Logitech G920.

  • I have been using logi g27 since 2007, later switched to g29.

    never any problems with engines or electronics.

    the only problem that was on the g27 was the encoder, which is plastic and used to break. I solved that with a metal encoder and never anything. quality leather, everything functional.

    yes, the clicks are present, but not if you set the ffb properly.

    Logitech is not a big company for no reason.

  • After sent ticket to support i got the 7th day (Today) this morning mails from Fanatec with usual questions about incident and other one with RMA. Now i have to pack all again and go to post office like last time.

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