Podium Hub sold out or discontinued?

Podium Hub has been sold out in US since Black Friday.

I wonder if they are planning to restock it anytime soon or we have to wait for the V2 version designed for QR2?

Also, would be nice if V2 version comes with USB passthrough, similar to a particular competitor.


  • V1 all ready designed for QR2

  • Yes, it is true, but they might want to enhance it with usb-c hub or more connectors.

    I have Podium BME and Porsche weel, but don't have a hub. So, I wondered if the hub would get back in stock soon or I need to find a second hand.

  • A Podium Hub V2 with USB-passthrough would be absolutely fantastic, but will probably not happen as it makes it easier to use non-Fanatec gear...

  • V1 seems quite capable as is, supports APM, a pair of ClubSport button clusters, etc. Only thing it doesn't support is a FunkySwitch (which SUCKS). Seems it was designed mostly for Podium Button Modules.

    My guess is they just ran out.

  • V1 is one of the oldest products they are selling, I am sure there is quite a few things that could be improved.

    Maybe they are working on adding a capability to add button box with screen or update internals.

    You can't preorder it, so either they don't know when it will be in stock, or it is going to be replaced.

    So, if anyone in NA has an extra hub they want to sell, please ping me. I have 2 wheels, BME and shifters with no way of connecting them and start using :(

  • I'm super curious on this as well. Mostly since I jumped on the DD2 sale and will certainly be missing having a round wheel. Hoping they are just about to drop a new revision. Had no idea about the No funky switch in the Podium hub till I was reading here. Personally I'd love to just get the old one used for my purposes but that doesnt seem to be a thing.

  • "Open for Pre-Orders Availability date: Feb 26, 2024"

    More than 3 more months before back in stock... Wow that was a logistical error.

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