Podium F1 Base PC connection?

Hi Everyone, I recently just picked up a Podium F1 Base and Wheel setup.

When I purchased, I lost the usb cable that was provided to connect Base to Pc. I went and purchased a new cable from Best Buy and plugged it in. I put the base in PC MODE, and the USB icon popped up letting me know the cable is recognized and a connection is formed with the PC.

Problem starts here,

I install the driver 454, restart my pc and launch Fanatec Control Panel. Where I am hit with the "No Fanatec Device Found!". I follow trouble shooting steps, Seeing my motor version is 38 I download driver in correlated link. All while my base is turned off, I Uninstalled driver 454, installed driver for FW38, restarted PC, hooked base into USB and held power button on base for 10 seconds where the power light began to flash. In my head I believe the flashing to be the firmware update, but it never stops flashing? and the LED display on the base doesn't turn on while the power button flashes white.

In the past 2 days, Ive uninstalled and re installed multiple versions of drivers. I have not been able to get my PC to recognize that the Fanetec is plugged in. I never see the game controller Icon when I open Control Panel>Hardware and Sound> View Devices and Printers.

Pleading for help, and Knowledge, Please guide me

Attached is photo SYSTEM INFO of base

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