Where's my refund ?


I've ordered a CSW 2.5 but it was taking to long to come and so i have cancelled it and ordered a CSL Elite 1.1.

More than 7 days have passed, 2 contact forms sended, the CSL Elite has already arrived and still no clue when i will have my money back.

Please fanatec, tell me something.


  • Definitely an issue there, they are pretty consistent with returns it seems. Took 1 business day for me and most others, so hopefully it works out for you.

    As a last resort you could message the community manager here, Dominic Brennon, he seems to be the only helpful person at Fanatec but give him some time to get back to you, hes swamped with us all right now.

  • I cancelled my order a couple of days ago and got my money back in 2 days.

  • Thanks guys.

    I've sended a PM to Dominic to see if he can help me.

    It's been 9 days already, so... probably there is some problem.

    Let's hope Dominic read my message.


  • Daryl LongDaryl Long Member
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    Good luck with that. I sent him a message about my order placed on April 18th and never got a reply. I’m ready to admit defeat and hit the cancel button

  • 14 days after i've made my cancellation, i still have no news about my refund!

    Can someone tell me something please?!

  • The refund has arrived. There was a problem because of my payment method.


    You can now close this thread.

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