Thank you Fanatec

Hello to all. Just wanted to comment on some of the threads I read about people having trouble with there orders placed on BF. I also placed two orders, one on 11/23 (QR2 type-c) the other on 11/23 (csl elite pedals v.2). I placed both orders seperately knowing that the QR2 woud not be shipped due to the Dec. 1 available date. The csl was available to ship. Both were discounted with a good price. I received email a couple hrs. later that my order was confirmed. 11/25 email sent that csl is being processed and I could no longer cancel my order. Shows completly shipped on web site under orders placed. 11/28 email sent that QR2 is being processed and I could no longer cancel my order also showed completely shipped on my account orders. Both orders showed that it was coming by Fedex but no tracking number showing. 12/1 received an email from Fedex that a package was coming but was waiting on label created from Fanatec with tracking number. 12/2 received text from Fedex package is on the way and will arrive on 12/6. 12/2 checked my account under orders and tracking number is present under csl order. I am guessing QR2 is in same box as csl. Not sure if this helps any one with how the process works but this is my second order placed with Fanatec and it went through the same way. I have to thank Fanatec for a job well done. That package was the csl dd bundle with the McLaren v.2 wheel and the csl pedals, 5 nm. I am really enjoying them. Well so long to all and hope everyone stays well and safe. Thanks again for the time and will be ordering soon for the QR2 wheel side with the money saved on BF. Later


  • Good to hear a soon to be happy ending. It seems like ordering items only when Ready to Ship and maybe one item per order is a strategy that may crack the code LOL.

    When ordering did you compare if there was any cost difference between an order with the same items vs ordering them as single item per order?

    Enjoy you gear.

  • That’s what have to be said more often!!

    THX Fanatec, thank you for working so hard to get

    everything fixed.

    Thank you Fanatec to make so great gear!!

    Thank u Fanatec to upgrade your whole company to for the future. I think I really know how you guys feel at the moment and I really appreciate that you try your best to get everything done.

    As I’ve been reading in the comments section and Reddit and other message boards I can see that it’s not easy at all for you these days but don’t give up better days are coming. I really believe that this is only a minor setback (which in fact it isn’t because you released great new gear and your customers go through the roof).

    I‘m really happy with my gear and as soon I can afford it I will sell my ddpro and buy a dd+ .

    So i want to say thank u for all those great things you gave us and I’m really curious what the future holds.

    And remember, everyone of us could have a bad day that is nothing you have to worry about!

    Thank u guys!!!

  • What a great first name. LOL

    The reason I placed the orders separately is Fanatec will not send your items unless they are all available. Before I retired I did a lot of shipping and receiving and if you can send your packages in one box it is more cost effective. I don't blame Fanatec for doing this because it helps over all on your bottom line. They really have a great product for the price they charge. So far I am really pleased with the dd and wheel. I had a Thrustmaster TX-SW Sparco bundle and the Fanatec is a much better product. I am getting a Corvette price for a Ferrari ride. ( opinion only). I hope this makes sense. Anyway happy racing.

  • It's good to hear at least some people are getting product and things are still moving alone. I placed my. order on the 25th for CSL elite pedals, CSL DD, and club sport wheel and as of Dec 4 I do not have a tracking number for my order.

    Mon the 27th the order showed as fully shipped, that it would sent via fed ex ground, but I have not gotten any updates since then. No emails, tracking numbers, order updates, etc. I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt with black friday and the fact that some people are still receiving product, but it does seem that it's both a matter of luck and the specific items you ordered. If I don't get my order by after about 4-6 weeks I will assume it's gone and dispute the charge if I am unable to get a whole of fanatec which seems to be difficult based on what others have said.

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