UPS tracking number to order doesnt work


I've just discovered that I got UPS tracking number added to my order... but when I copy paste this numer to UPS tracking site i got this in return: "The tracking number you entered is invalid. Correct or contact the sender to verify the number."

is this normal? shouldn't there be on UPS site info - label created?


  • Me too ☹️ it's weird

  • my tracking number was added this morning Sunday, I get this,

    We could not locate the shipment details for this tracking number. Details are only available for shipments made within the last 120 days. Please check your information

    I’m hoping as it’s a Sunday, it might not be showing on the system yet, yeah I’m a glass half full kinda guy

  • I ordered on November 24, it was shown as "completely shipped" early the next week via Fedex (I'm in USA). As of yet, I have no tracking number for my order.

  • Completely shipped is different status. It means that warehouse got information from central about your order. It's quite "normal" that I takes them long time to send especially because of black Friday. I'm talking about next step. Under the completely shipped information you will get tracking number. As far as I remember this numer was working fine during my last shipment, but now UPS sent this strange message like Leonard Parker has written.

  • The same here as Dustin G

  • I had exactly same issue. I hope status gets updated during the day.

  • I found in help section somethin like that: "Please check the status of your shipment directly via UPS. If your number isn't available yet, your order has either not been processed or has not been picked up from our warehouse by our shipping partner."

    so perhaps they reserved UPS number, packed the parcels but courier didn't picked up this yet.

  • guys- track id works - parcel is on the way so - TOPIS IS CLOSED!

  • Label also created 😅

  • As a heads up keep an eye on the tracking number. UPS delivered to a local access point, if I hadn’t looked I would never of known,

    no contact from ups and no delivery attempt note in letter box. Order will return to fanatec if not collected by the 16th.. just as flipping well I keep track of the tracking numbers.

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