Why haven't the CS DD and new BMR sets I bought shipped yet

I am really infuriated! Why can Fanatec ship the CS DD and BMR rally wheel to other regions, but refuses to ship to Japan? Is this discrimination against Asians? Why can't we in Japan receive the same treatment? I have been waiting for a long time, and people in other regions have already received your products, but we in Japan are being neglected! This is so unfair! I am outraged by Fanatec's actions, you should provide a reasonable explanation, otherwise I will never purchase your products again! This kind of discrimination is simply unacceptable! I am really angry!


  • Lino CarreiraLino Carreira Member
    edited December 2023

    We actually havent m8, its not discrimination at all im waiting also and im from europe ! you can call their new partners incompetent or inneficient, but dont use the race card cause to be fair thats not the case here at all ! Also , ima huge Honda Fan can you send some more type R FL5 to portugal you guyz have a gazilion there and in Portugal we only received 9 ! :)

  • I don't think it has anything to do with discrimination, according to what you can read there are many who have not received packages yet, I received 2 BF packages but still waiting for more, the most important one I am missing was not even a BF offer, im from Denmark and it's close to Germany :D and allso withinn EU

  • I only know that Japanese players have not received the goods so far, while other regions ,some players have received them. If there is no discrimination, I hope the goods can be sent out as soon as possible. My order number is1808256 and 1803137.

  • Ha it's not only you, I'm in EU and my order is from the preorder first appeared and it hasn't shipped yet but appears "fully shipped" for weeks but tracking shows it hasn't been picked up. I'm hoping sometime end of year, early next year.

  • Im still waiting in the UK from an order from 18th October. Fanatec is the worst company on the planet. Avoid them at all costs.

  • Why dont fanatec drop ship their products in all amazon eu, amazon jp and everywhere else, that way they dont have to deal with the logistical nitemare, just let the tech giants deal with it...

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