How do I get the smell out?

I bought a used, but pristine leather Porsche 911 GT3 Podium wheel, but noticed a smell on the way home. By the time I arrived at my house my whole car smelled like perfume. Turns out the gentleman I bought it from has a girlfriend who gets ready for the day near his racing rig. Her perfume residue is all over the wheel. I’ve tried alcohol and leather cleaner/conditioner, but it still smells strongly. I don’t want my wife thinking I’ve been up to something, so how do I get the smell out of the leather? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


  • time.

  • 1st world problems lol

  • You could ask around to some local car detailers and see if they have an Ozone machine and will allow you to place the wheel in a car they are going to use the machine on. You could also see if you can rent an Ozone machine. Amazon or the like sometimes have less expensive ozone machines that are under $50. Put it in a large cardboard box with the machine and tape it up. Just be careful when unboxing it and don't get a lung full.

  • Perhaps Fabreeze, or POOPH which is supposed to work according to the infomercial I saw.

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