Billed credit card and no order created on Black Friday

Hi everyone !

I'm new to the whole Fanatec ecosystem. I've been looking into getting some Fanatec gear for a long time and on Black Friday (24.11.2023) I decided to pull the trigger.

Unfortunately, after I confirmed the payment in my bank app, the website said that an error occurred, thus no order being created. The money however was billed from my credit card (1710,86 EUR). I assumed that the amount will be released, but I asked my bank on the following Monday and they confirmed that the money is already billed by Endor AG.

I've written already 2 contact forms and 1 email to Fanatec Webshop explaining the situation and giving the details of the transaction from my bank account, but so far I have received 0 feedback and it's already been a week.

My question is if anyone has had a similar experience and is there a way to speed up the return of that money in my account ? The trouble is that I will soon have to pay the interest, fees and so on, without having the benefit of my products. And it's quite a hefty amount.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks !


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