I received an answer for the red box 🟥 „in progress“ orders!

There was a random copy and paste reply, but I finally get some. Better than nothing, but it’s still ridiculous for what I have done to get a reply on this…

For nearby a week I have to contact all the social media accounts day per day and spam messages very often at the forum, to get a single answer who is so important for so much users, that I still can’t believe that there are no official informations shared with us about that.

So finally, to crush all the rumors about the cancellation for red boxed 🟥 „in progress“ orders, this is NOT a status before your order will be cancelled. This red square 🟥 says that your order is just on hold for a manual checkup by human if everything is alright with this order.

And if there is a mistake in it, Fanatec will send you an email with details and maybe a solution. 

So stop posting comments that there will be cancelled! This is BS…

But what the bad news is at this point, that there email backlog is nearby a month and growing. So maybe they checked my order from the 24. Nov just anytime next year… then send a request to me, the I have to answer, then have to wait for another month for the reply and when THEN everything is alright, maybe, it goes to the warehouse which is another waiting time… you know what I mean. You can calculate nearby to springtime 2024 with a delivery… maybe…

But the order situation is bad too. 

A lot of people placed orders way before BF and still waiting for shipping.

Me too.

Articles they are ready to ship within 4-7 days at the moment you place the order still be „in progress“ since more than 2 weeks.

A little example of my own.

At 20. Nov 15:40 (3:40 pm MET UTC+1)

I ordered the limited edition F1 2023 wheel which was ready to ship within 4-7 business days.

At the next day the QR2 was changed from „available“ to „pre-order Jan 17“.

So please what?

I thought that the bundles are completely separated to ship out asap because the QR2 was already sold out at this moment but the F1 2023 bundle was ready to ship.

So now we all know that this was just a bait to order them. Now we have to wait for shipping till the QR2 is available again. What a mess. And no single information about this kind of problem! But a lot of preppie asked for an answer. Still…

So, since a few days the QR2 at my F1 2023 order has changed from available „Jan 17“ to „Dec 1“. It’s still the Dec 1 actually, but my order is still in progress since the pre-order status changed a few days ago. Nothing still happens yet. No „completely shipped“ which means that the order can be packed by the warehouse. No changed pre-order status for the QR2.

Aaaaand, surprisingly no single information about everything whats happening at the time.

The social media accounts still trying to catch more customers and answers everybody with a generic copy and paste reply to be „more patient“ and „get your infos at the Fanatec forum“. 

What a comedy theater.

I’m pretty exhausted for receiving a single answer from any of their communication channels and I’m extremely disappointed about there way to handle there customers. They making so much bad decisions and looses a lot of customers.

There have to be just ONE other competitor which adds a console compatibility (PS + Xbox) and Fanatec is 100% safe out of business! ONE HUNDED PERCENT! But they didn’t see it. But there are some competitors who working on that. I i wish them all the best, because Fanatec honestly doesn't deserve to look so good these days. You can only recognize the true face when you have already ordered something and this isn’t actually worth the trouble you get from. 

I hope to get my orders as soon as possible to get rid of all this headache and stomach ache.

And I wish that all of your orders are shipped asap too. 



  • Thank you for passing that along. Here's to replies, cheers.

  • and @james still responds to 1 message a day on the forum haha, scary.

  • Thanks for the information! It could be easy for Fanatec to officially said that... :)

    So when you say "the cancellation for red boxed 🟥 „in progress“ orders, this is NOT a status before your order will be cancelled. This red square 🟥 says that your order is just on hold for a manual checkup by human if everything is alright with this order." I think it means... we wait to cancel your command but we will take time and give it your refund veryyyy late. :) It's very strange that this red box appears mainly on V2.5X and APM.. very strange... 🤔

  • All I can say is that historically fanatec has always had issues with keeping things in stock. I'm sure they tried to boost production for black friday, but most likely it was never going to be enough to deal with the demand. What is probably happening now is that rather than show as sold out during the critical months leading up to the holidays, they're taking orders on backlog and what you're buying is really a back ordered item. So I think despite many people buying items that were instock, fanatec basically oversold their inventory so as not to reduce sales, then figured they'll service the back orders as a secondary problem. So people will probably start receiving orders little buy little until things level out post holidays.

  • I don't think any company should take your money until it's shipped with a tracking number.

  • Their handling of this hasn't been great but they're not evil. If they were going to cancel it point blank, they would not be waiting to review it. They said in the response above that if there is an issue they will contact the customer and resolve it. They're mostly for the V2.5x/APM/Buttons bundle because that was the one that had the too good to be true discount on early Black Friday. They are going to handle this on a case by case basis. We know this because if there was a standard response we'd have been told it by now and they also could have easily automated that. Possibilities are, (a) ask for more money (b) decide that the customer has bought enough stuff that they can let it slide and ship it anyway or (c) cancel the order.

    There is also the possibility that even if the order is cancelled they will allow us to redo the order and honor the prices that were in place at the time the order was placed (at least the intended prices). That's a less attractive option because everything I ordered at least is now out of stock.

  • I receive this from fanatec today.

    Its a like a joke , I can't event pay the the difference or just receive the rest of the order. All will be canceled for an error on a single product...

    they almost accuses me of having done it on purpose

    And a 10% voucher is not equal to a black friday deal...

    I'm very disapointed and angry.

  • What does a green box mean saying completely shipped? no tracking number.

  • Yes, this is a pure joke at all… if you don’t need the console compatibility, just look at Moza, Simucube or Asetek. They have a lot better customer service and much better steering wheels on the market. Fanatec is a sinking boat and if just one competitor adds the console compatibility, fanatec will go broke immediately.

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