Orderd 12 sept... 82 days ago... still nothing... WORLD RECORD?

Waiting in 82 days!!! I DEMAND THE ORDER 1785251 (prev 1740740) ITEMS TO BE SENT NOW!!!!

I orders items for 1200£ the 12th of september 2023. Nothing happend, no one to contact. All I got was the standard excuses in the standard reply-mail.

In middle of october I got a mail saying that they got the order back from UPS, and wonderd what to do with it... I replyed SEND IT NOW!

7th november (25 days later) my order was cancelled, and a new one was created by Fanatec with a mail appoligizing and PROMISED to send it immediatly...

Its now 3th desember (almost 1 month after their promise) and still nothing. Have gotten a trackingnumber, but UPS has not gotten the package from Fanatec/Group 8/warehouse. I contacted UPS and they say they pick up full containers from Fanatec (Group 8) EVERY day... So much for your promize Madeleine from Fanatec!

This is extremly poor costumer-service and if I don't get my order within 10 days (or get contacted BY PHONE!!!) I will contact my bank and cancel my order. If that dosent work I'll be happy to take legal actions against Fanatec/Group 8!



  • I'm sorry but I have the record !!!

    I still waiting my order from 2nd september with 3 different orders numbers.  I got was the standard excuses in the automatic reply emails.

    This company is pathetic, a joke for all the customer!

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    You guys nailed on saying "hey most orders will change on the 28th of Nov" Which a ton of orders did!

    So my bet is the following...



    Most of our orders will be shipped during January and this will be their excuse:

    Hi fellow racers, as many of you know our system encountered a bug with the orders placed before and during black friday. As of now, this issue has been resolved, but the increase on demand during holidays has made us fall back into step 1. We kindly appreciate your patience and want to inform you that most of the orders are almost ready to ship! Expect to see these around the first week of January, since we are about to take a small time off due to the holidays!

    Happy Holidays Racers....

    Like bruh...

    Come on Fanatec, a bunch of us are:

    1. Pissed.
    2. It is our First experience. (what a way to initiate our SIM Racing Journey)
    3. Want just a simple status of our order.

    They can take a brk, I dont mind. Holidays time with family time to chill, thats IMPORTANTE... But communication its not hard!

  • I ordered on the 29th August so looks like we have a new record, world record!

    Honestly, I'm past the point of being angry, it's more turned into a general disgust at this point. Pathetic company.

  • Im on day 88 waiting on my order 1785251 (prev 1740740) now. EXTREAMLY poor handling and customerservice. SOLVE THIS FANATEC!!!

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