Summary and explanation of order issues (red dot included)


I’m a customer like you (I apologize for my grammar), with the same problems. I know it’s hard to search or get information, that’s why I create this post to summarize some of the problems with the orders.


They have a HUGE email backlog. It’s a SHAME but they have this problem since the Earth was created. Jokes aside, pray for the guys or THE guy who is trying to help you. We are humans behind the screen and I guess they are trying the best for us.

BUT... PLEASE, stop sending more mails o direct messages to their social medias if is related to the same problem (red dots, delayed shipment, etc). More mails it means more work and more time to get a response. You cannot get in a place that its full if it wasn’t empty before.

They say that have an email backlog of weeks, so try to be more patient (I know i know...).


At this point everybody should know that the order status description doesn’t mean exactly what it sounds like, so:

  • In progress: They have received your order. Awaiting to inform their warehouse.
  • Completely shipped: Your order (DATA) was transferred to their warehouse. They have to prepare the shipment (packing and fulfill information to their delivery partner).

You could get your order or part of your order (yes, they don’t ship it in a single package) without having a tracking number or status update. Its not logical but it’s another old problem that hasn't been solved yet.


Thanks to Ritchie Kray we know it says that your order is just on hold for a manual checking if everything is alright with this order. If there is a mistake in it, Fanatec will send you an email with details and maybe a solution. (remember what i said before of not sending more mails?)


Every order has a BUSINESS days processing time, so if you ordered on Friday, next Monday means that will be the 1st day not the 3rd.

If your order included pre-order items, it will only ship once EVERYTHING is in stock. So if you ordered something that will be in stock next month, yeah you said, will be delivered next month, not next week.

Also, a worker of Fanatec said last week:

Due to the extremely high order volume during our Black Friday event, turnaround times for order processing may take up to ten days, depending on your region.


Sorry if I forget something. I will try to keep it updated.

Pray for our orders! :P


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