SHO Vibration Not Working

Is anyone else having an issue where SHO vibration isn't working in ACC anymore? I last played in ~March and it was working then. I have updated the firmware and software since but don't recall what I was using then.

SHO works in the Fanatec Control Panel.

I have tried setting various steering wheel vibration options on but none seem to work for the wheel. Vibration settings for the pedals are working for me.


Formula V2.5 X


  • mate had same problem myself its got to do with your breaking force on the wheel settings took me a week to figure it out as long as u have it set to vibrate your breakin force setting should make it work one u hit max breaking it melted me aswell hope it helps buddy so sho to vibrate then go to ur breaking force set it to wat u want then wen u hit that level off breaking the wheel will vibrate have the same wheel

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