Label Created Shipper created a label, UPS has not received the package yet

Order placed 11/11/2023, I got the trucking number on the 22/11/2023

Until today the order is not collected by UPS

How long that's take usually, today is the 14th days since i got the trucking number

How come FANATEC are not clarifying these issues, they said there is ONE (1) week of delay

One week is already passed and the seccond one as well

According to what's happening now with Fanatec shipments i belive that i will got my order on 2025

Completely disaster 


  • if you order happens something what they currently not have like QR2, they not usually send half delivery out

  • Yes its inculde both QR2 Wheel-Side and QR2 base but my order was done on 11/11/2023 and at that time its was available

  • I got the exact same, label created on the 22nd as well, and it's a shifter so no QR2 involved or pre order or anything. Has not even been picked up yet either same as you.

  • Kevin FabreKevin Fabre Member
    edited December 2023

    i decided to buy in the fanatec eco system and spent probably 2k at once in various orders, early november and some later during black friday. nothing go shipped yet really. Starting to regret not going with the competition... At the level it's not just incompetence but also a lack of respect to their customer base. Trust sacrificed for greed... I mean we are super far from the announced delays even. They will have to learn the hard way at some point.

  • That's streesfull

    i'm so upset, furious

    If its a reason of luck of some items they can inform us

    They just say nothing !!!

  • This is mine, exactly the same as yours, probably in the same batch. and i'm sad to say it's the most progressed order i have, the other don't even have a tracking number

    The one in process makes sense because QR2 stocking will be on 15th of DEC and i'm fine with that... For the rest completely shipped for a multiple weeks and no move, i can't say i'm impressed.

  • Normaly accordibg to my fanatec account all the items which i ordered are available

    So i dont kbow why it's not shipped yet

    What's strange there is two items wirh serial number !!

  • Yeah I have the same for a QR1, but luckily I got the wheel delivered at least but the QR1 is just sitting there at Fanatec waiting for a pickup order to UPS.

  • Same here. Ordered 2.11 a shifter (stock available). At 29.11 they create a new order because first tracking missing somewhere. Now im waiting since 29.11 of a new trackingnumber.

  • I want to cancel my order but i'm fraide that they will not refund me and i have again to entre in the same loop of sending emails without reply

    I don't know what to do

  • Im sorry, i cant give you any advise. Looks like we have just to wait :(

  • i am fed up with the lack of transparency. One week delay is more like 3 and still ongoing. No communication on eta. I’m done. I ll ask for a refund of everything even if I need to refuse delivery.

    if I have a tech problem or warranty claim I can’t even imagine having to deal with them. Two weeks response time for emails imagine that…

  • I finally got the shifter i ordered in stock on Nov 17th. UPS tracking number was wrong so it apparently never left, but checking the actual label it was a different tracking number...

  • Sounds good

    I have three trucking number for my order since they send the orders in many packages

    In each one of them it's writtzn the weight of the packages so i don't think it's wrong number in my case

    Finally your order is arrived


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