Black Friday Orders | Shipping Update 2



  • Availability date for my DD+ is jan 17th, if they dont send me it this week i will cancel my order, sell everything and say a big BYE to Fanatec.

  • I could unsterstand this yes.

  • Kyle WebbKyle Webb Member
    edited January 15

    Hi, I placed two orders, one on the 22nd November 2023 (order number 1814723) this was not picked up by UPS until the 21st December 2023 it then sat with UPS awaiting customs information, on the 29th December 2023 it was sent back to you "Fanatec" and arrived with you on the 2nd january 2024 at 09:06am

    I have sent meany emails to find out what is going on and I am yet to receive a reply and today is the 15th January 2024.

    My second order (1850775) placed on the 25th November 2023 and still hasn't been sent and l've had NO update on that one either.

    As of 15th January you have had my money for 54 days with no communication, I want to know what is going on and where my Item are.

    What makes it even worse is that UPS requested for me to pay the import fee and tax before they said it was being returned, to which I have paid and UPS will not refund me so that's another £200+ out of my pocket.

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