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Suppose those on here who have already bought from Fanatec know this but to anyone new watch out as the price listed does not include very high import taxes. UPS demanding £46 off me for a £180 order from Fanatec that I'm starting to regret buying. Was going to order a DD+ but at £1000 I'm rather fearful of how much import tax they are going to add to that.


  • There are no hidden costs.

    Fanatec remove the VAT from the advertised costs at checkout as since Brexit in 2020, this is now paid when the items land in UK.

    If Fanatec charged you VAT and you were charged VAT again at import an error has occurred and you should contact Fanatec.

  • Correct, was just shocked by how much extra got added, used to VAT being included. I worked it out and it should have been about £37 not the £46 UPS are demanding but not surprised that UPS are adding additional costs to it.

    Just added an item to my basket to see if there are any warnings about import taxes and there is a hyperlink (under "shipping") taking you to a page explaining additional costs so lesson to me to read everything in advance of placing an order :)

  • There's a slight discrepancy as German VAT is 19% so there's the extra 1% you pay. Must admit the £11 or so handling charge is a bit of a joke though.

  • Pre-Brexit you would have paid Fanatec the VAT. Now you don't. The only extra you have paid is the UPS fee of £11. This situation is not unique to Fanatec - you pay VAT at import on all EU orders. Even from Asetek! :-)

  • I’ve only been hit with charges to the U.K. on one item, the other four there were no import duties charged, evens out in the end

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