Shipping times in germany

Hello everyone I am planning a trip to Germany in January and while I am in Germany I want to buy a CSL DD ready-to-race bundle but I will stay only for four days (starting from Wednesday to Sunday) how many days before I arrive in Germany should I place My order? I will probably write my hotel’s address as the delivery address would that be a problem?


  • The shipping times in Germany are completely the same as of the rest of the world. I’m still waiting for my BF order on 24th.

    then there are the mass cancellations and and and.

    fanatec doesn’t care about EVERY customer. Doesn’t matter where they come from.

    hope it helps

  • I would not recommend this in these circumstances at all! Just read up a little here:

    As Ritchie said, everyone affected in this. They have a huge backlog of orders, so there's no human being who can tell you how many days you should have place your order to get that in that exact 4 days. Do not risk. If you will get UPS notification on those days when you're abroad, then just communicate with the carrier support to book another day.

  • I mean hotel can hold my package for a bit (I will ask the hotel) and I will go to Germany on January 26th so black Friday orders would be delivered I guess.

  • if you wanne risk it i would wait till you get some feedback here on the forums (official that is) that the backlog is gone but on the website normally alone it takes like 5/7 bussiness days before its being shipped and if something goes wrong you are out of luck

    i would really not recommend this style of buying and sending it this way can only cause problems

    you never know maby ups has a delay or something happens i would not risk it

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