Driver downloads stop mid-download


I'm having an issue downloading the 454 driver (or any other for that matter).

The download starts, but then mid download every three seconds it slows down rapidly and then stops. Until it completely fails and then I have to click "continue" and it starts again for another 3 seconds.

I have no packet loss or drops on my network connection and have a 1 GBPS speed. No firewalls, routers or any other crazy stuff, connected to straight to modem with cable.

I've tested mutliple other downloads from other sites, youtube simultaneously and even a torrent and all just keep downloading fine, but on Fanatec I have this issue until the download just completely stops and even the "continue" stops appearing... I've seen one other post on the forum without resolution with the same issue. Anyone know what could be causing this?


  • probaply it want warn you that don't use that. there are reports that some users been have issue with 454

  • Sadly, I have it on all downloads... So it's not specifically related to this download. Even all the fanalab links etc.

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