The Crew Motorfest after update 2 not working with Fanatec Wheel

anyone else suffer from this too


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    Yes I have an issue the same as this one:

    Many users have reported but there is no communication and solution as far as I know?

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    Please , Fanatec Or Ivory Tower Team , please Patch this problem. See the video

    Impossible to play with Wrc Wheel.

    Many players are waiting +- 2 months after this patch to play this game.

    An autoclick coming from the wheel is at first glance the causse or a bad assignation key

  • Same issue. Glad I just downloaded the trial and didn't actually buy this. You can't even unbind a command so the missing analog stick is always there and continuously sends the "up" signal.

  • Found a solution in another forum... Will try this today: basically we have to "remap the interface selection options to be different from camera selection and look up/down/left/right in vehicles". I'm not sure what this means exactly, but anyway, I'll try to remap some buttons (while the wheel is turned off) and see what happens. 😎

  • Did anyone notice the Fanatec DD Extreme Wheel is not working with Motorfest at all.

    With the McLaren GT3 Rim it's working absolutely flawless though.

    I hope it gets updated soon.

    No idea if it's on Fanatec or on Ubisoft.

    Any thoughts,...?

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