Positing Charges for Pre Order Items (Not Legal)

How can Fanatec post a charge for my order on my Credit Card if they don't ship all items when everything is in stock which is jan date for me. Isn't this illegal to charge for Pre Order items? They either ship items in stock or they don't charge us till all items are ready to ship.

They can't use customers money for their own purpose if the order is not fulfilled yet. Does Fanatec even have a legal team that they check the laws?


  • No, that is legal.

  • Whether it is legal or not in your eyes, Fanatec opened a can of worms by accepting money and not fulfilling the order as promised (available date).

    I would suggest any customer to check with their respective federal, state and local law if not satisfied with the response from a business, after exhausting all options and giving them a reasonable amount of time.

    In the USA The Better Business Bureau is a good start, the Federal Trade Commission could be a good follow up. A few simple clicks at the FTC brought this up as options to report. Although the first option could be debated I guess as you'll get it eventually. The second is a little bit clearer as I have never been asked if the delay was acceptable or would I prefer a refund.

    Either way I'll wait and continue perusing this forum and making comments until which time I get my CS DD that should have been here by now. Wonder if that would be enough incentive to get the ball rolling LOL.

  • As I posted on my own thread:  I encourage you to use the ODR platform to report Fanatec for their actions. The ODR platform is an online dispute resolution service that allows you to submit your complaint and receive a binding decision from an independent third-party mediator. It is free, easy, and fast to use. You can access the ODR platform here: https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/main/index.cfm?event=main.home2.show&lng=EN

    By using the ODR platform, you can get your money back, receive your product, or get compensation for the inconvenience caused by Fanatec.

  • I am in USA so the ODR won't help.

    I understand they have backlog but it is completely wrong to post a full charge on credit card it the delivery date in month or more. Most companies either post a temporary charge which is basically like holding the funds but it transaction will show as pending or they charge $1 to validate.

    This stupid company does not ship items that are in stock and then ship the single pre order item when available. Instead they want to charge customers in full, take the money and hold all items till that one item becomes available don't know when. And then they just ship everythiing in separate boxes regardless.

    This company runs like a headless chicken.

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