Black Friday Orders | Shipping Update 3



  • Tomorrow 3 weeks from the day I ordered 2.5X.. Wonder how long I need to wait for the promised update about it, another 5-10 business days ?

  • We'll see guys VERY SOON

  • Hello Fanatec,

    First of all, thank you that it still worked with my GT DD PRO 8Nm.

    If you can manage to get the V2.5 X to work before Christmas then that would be really great!

    I will be honest...

    Communication with you is really annoying!

    You can't be reached no matter how and as customers we sit in the dark and get annoyed!

    With better communication, I am 100% sure that many negative comments and many emails would not have reached you!

    That's why I hope you do better in the future and keep your customers better informed about their orders.

    To everyone who is waiting for their purchase... UPS unexpectedly showed up at my door today and brought me my GT DD Pro.

    I'm still waiting for my V 2.5 X steering wheel, even though I ordered it before the GT DD PRO!

    But finally we will get what we buyed..

  • Just curious are people recieving partial orders or are they waiting to ship everything at once?

  • Well judging that they said that on the website that shipping will be in 4-7 days, then you received an email that it will be actually 10 days, and today they said they have backlog of 3 days, and some orders are more than 15 days and no tracking number....hmmm...based on all of these, very soon should be in a couple of days.

  • I understand them doing the inventory is frustrating, but likely they have financial requirements as a public company that mandate they do an inventory so that they can publish financial statements. Every company that holds inventory has to do this so they can accurately report inventory on their balance sheet as of 12/31.

    I share in your frustration, as I am also sitting on an 11/24 order for my first setup and spent quite a few dollars on the order.

  • @James

    my order 1793304 is paid since 17 November (when I order, all product was in stock), the order is validated since 28 November.

    From 28 November, no news… no UPS tracking… nothing.

    please check my order and give me some update

  • Yep. I went whole hog on this. Don't know who will be more disappointed, him or me.

  • Dear James

    I have done an order that includes:

    Sterling wheel v 2.5x

    Pedals V2

    Csl DD

    Number: 1839575

    I Need It before Christmas, it's for a gift.

    Can i please almost receive an update about my order

    Thank you in Advance


  • I've ordered a V2.5 X on 11-24 at 14:00 CET and got it delivered on 12-4. That was with a QR1.

    I've received also an email from customer service, that my order I placed on the 11-17 was a 11-28 order due to the pre-order date of the QR2. I'm getting another response tomorrow so we'll see.

    At least i've received something, and pretty sure nobody has left with the money, but that there is a serious problem in the warehouse and/or stock.

  • Hi I'm in same situation have a ups tracking number but they told me they haven't even been told to arrange to pick up the items. I also ordered on the 20th of november and it's a Xmas present. I'm in Ireland and no clue what to tell the child 😭

  • You said you ship order from 24 november....

    I send multiple email and still no news about my order 1819456 from 23 Nov 2023 00:37:00

    Please what happen to fanatec ???

    not normal to not having any news...

  • I precise that it waas in stock when order...

  • Very soon for them will probably mean the end of next week

  • Hi i ordered on 11/22/23 and got order completely shipped on 12/5/23. I'm in the US still no tracking number! will i see my items before christmas?

  • i received a email on nov 30th stating you are processing my order in the warehouse still have not got a tracking number. i really do hope by this post you guys announced that my order should have a tracking number by end of this week. i really hope so fanatec.

  • Would love to know where all the pre bf clubsport pre orders are at...??

  • Really annoyed about all items in stock when I made my order on Nov 21st and now potential delivery date in Jan… when I am not home … how can you expect a all in stock order to arrive more than 6 weeks after the payment… If I miss delivery and it is returned will just completely freek out… you are very lucky to have close to zero competition on PS5 this monopoly situation definitey keeps us here but this is not really a respectfull way of treating your customers. !

    good luck eveyone…

  • This is what I would like to know. We pre-ordered in October. An update would be appreciated.

  • I would like to thank you for the new information you have provided. Even if it was lacking.

     The text is difficult to tell if there were only about 400 orders for ClubSport V2.5 X or if about 400 of the many were shipped.

    I am in Japan so I may be a small customer for Fanatec.

    That said, the information I can get is too scarce to just say that an inventory is scheduled for the beginning of January.

    Please tell me why I ordered in-stock items three separate times on three separate dates and only the November 24th item is not being shipped for real.

    I have contacted them 3 times so far and all have been ignored.

    It seems to me that you sold me an item that was not in stock by falsely claiming it was.

  • why not?

    many will be happy to get their money back and buy sim equipment from another competitor

  • Hey all.

    First order with Fanatec, and I'm really exited to be getting started with Sim Racing. I'm trying to be as patient as possible and given my logic my order placed 11/28 should only be nearing shipping date in the next couple days.

    Order #1859XXX (US Order)

    Order Placed: 1am 11/28 (All items were in stock)

    Status changed to completely shipped 7:30am 11/28 (Recieved email a couple hours later)

    I am starting the 10 business day clock from the time the order went Completely Shipped. Based on what I've read, that is just when the package should ship, not when you receive it. Also, this 10 day delay, is an estimate, I believe I heard Moza's site was warning a 15 day delay, so its easier to use that number then be happy if it shows up early.

    So, my expected ship date is some time between now and 12/18...

    From there the time it takes for FedEx to get it delivered is all on them, they do often fail to deliver things on time... From CA I'd estimate 4 days to my home in the US Midwest

    Estimated delivery: Dec 22. We'll see if it works out that way...

    Hopefully using this logic can bring calm to some people and give you a more realistic date to look forward to.

    I hope people that are receiving their delivered orders are sharing on here, the first 4 digits of their order number and the date their order went green with the Completely Shipped note, so we can all get a feeling of where they are at processing orders!

  • edited December 2023

    I think many just people want to know if we'll be able to order the V2.5x wheel at the black friday price after the cancellations due to the pricing error.

  • we want information about dd+ delivery!! We (the first buyers) have an availability date 12.12. and you are silent. I will cancel my order and switch to Asetek if we don't receive any information in the next few days! That's really not how you treat customers......

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