Fanatec Control Panel shows wrong equipment.

Hello everyone,

im a new member and proud owner of new Fanatec Equipment. At first i want to say all works fine but im a little bit confused because of the images the display shows me in the Control Panel.

I still got a DD1 with the new QR2 connection. A F1 23 Limited Wheel with the Advance Paddle Module QR2, a ClubSport RS Wheel QR2 and the CSL Elite V2 Pedals. Now i got a few questions and hope you can help me out. The Control Panel from Fanatec shows me wrong connected equipment like a V2.5x Formula Wheel (for the F1 23 Wheel)? or not connected and i still got no shifter like the Clubsport Shifter SQ V 1.5. Also the software displayed me after a change of the clutch with the brake place a CSL Pedale LC for the CSL Elite V2 Pedals??

I still have the DD1 an the Pedals directly connected to the PC via USB.

Hope you can help me out.




  • Hi Rene. Maybe some pictures of what's showing on the control panel may help? Also which Fanatec driver package are you using?

    Also, just curious, what happens if you connect your pedal & shifter to DD1 instead PC directly? Do you get a different readout on Fanatec control panel?

  • Fanalab doesn't know the difference between the recent Formula wheels because all run the same firmware and mostly the same hardware.

    If you want you can change the picture your self, but I never bother it's just a picture and doing nothing important.

    I also don't believe shifter or handbrake will ever show in Fanalab.

  • Hi Tae and Psql, Thx at first for your comments and help! :)

    This is the first start of the Control Panel. that shows me now 2 connected Pedals. But i have only the CSL Elite V2 Pedals.

    After i close the Control Panel the CSL Pedals are gone and a Shifter comes up...

    Here are my updates.

    I connected the Hardware directly to the PC because of the update simplicity. The Screen from the Wheelbase shows me Just a wheel but no pedals..

    @Psq this calms me a lil bit because of the Wheel. But it is all about a lil bit confusing and it would be quite annoying after waiting a long time for my equipment if it has a defekt....

    Tae to your question "what happens if you connect your pedal & shifter to DD1 instead PC directly?" (Got no shifter only the Advance Padle Module on the F1 23 Wheel) You mean with the Rj12?

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    It's also normal the base will not show any pedals on the base if they are not connected to the base. That will only show if you used the RJ12 to connect the pedals to the base. Like in the manual never connect the pedals both with USB and RJ12. Only use the one or the other never both at the same time.

    The CSL pedals that is shown is just the pedals of the base which are not connected and then driver defaults to the CSL pedals. In my driver it also shows them but I don't have any pedals or shifter from Fanatec. Although here he always shows both of them. We call that Fanatec Logic... and still a lot of bugs in the drivers. You could post your findings in the 455 driver topic to see if they can fix what is shown when no pedals or shifter is connected to the base.

    For the rest just make sure in your driver the right pedals show what they supposed to do when you use the throttle and brake pedals and all will be OK normally and just start using your wheel and pedals :)

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    "In my driver it also shows them but I don't have any pedals or shifter from Fanatec. Although here he always shows both of them. We call that Fanatec Logic" -> The driver can not know if Analogue Pedals or the Shifter are connected as this is not reported by the base to the driver, hence by default it shows both the pedals and the shifter. You can simply hide them with the toggle on the respective tabs in the Control Panel or on the settings tab, even the explanation why exactly the tabs are shown is explained in detail with mouse-hover hints.

    "and still a lot of bugs in the drivers." -> Which issues? The Control Panel in particular is pretty much bug-free and there are zero known issues regarding the Control Panel. Maybe you mean Firmware issues and not driver issues?!

  • Apparently not, see screenshots of the TS, because at one point it only shows the pedals of the base and after closing and opening it all of a sudden it shows the shifter tab and the pedals tab of the base is gone.

    And a driver includes the firmware of all devices so if there are firmware issues the driver also has issues... But in this case looks like driver also still has some inconstancies after opening and closing the screen with random opening tabs for pedal or shifter.

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    see my above edited answer why exactly the tabs are shown.

    That is intended and not possible to do differently.

    Reason why the Pedals via Base tab was shown on first start of the Control Panel is because the CPL only gets the info that USB pedals are attached when it was once opened, after it detected the USB pedals it can hide the Pedals via Base tab on the next opening.

    I see exactly zero issues here in this thread, all is working and showing as it should.

  • I doubt what is showing in the TS screenshots is intended behaviour. You are not reading and looking at the screenshots of the TS.

    In screenshot 1 clearly no shifter is shown after the first open of the driver screen. Then TS closes the window opens it again and then all of a sudden in screenshot 2 the analog pedals are gone and the analog shifter pops up. In both screenshots it always had to show both the pedals and the shifter not only the one or the other... Looking at his comments he did not touch the hide tab option.

  • Thanks a lot for your comments and support guys.

    But im a lil bit confused right now. 🙈😅

    The most important thing for me is, should i contact the support? Do you see any possible hardware issues?

  • Other thing if there are no known bugs in the driver there still can be bugs that are not found yet...

  • Okay, that's good to hear.

    Thx for the support guys!

    Wish you chilled Holidays with your loved ones!

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