McLaren GT3 Elite Wheel (and ready-to-race package)

Hi, just bought this package for my son and set it all up yesterday. We know about the wheel rotation issues on F1 but my son says the wheel should do a 360 spin each time it's turned on. It doesn't.

He says he's seen a video online that says because of that it's faulty and needs to be returned (not sure if that's wheel or base..)

Can anyone please help? I have no experience here so would very much appreciate any help.

Thanks in advance


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    Your son is wrong.

    Some bases do a full 360 Rotation on boot, most however only turn 60 degrees to the right and then back to center.

    Both is normal and makes no difference in usage.

  • Thankyou!

    I'm just paranoid given how much it costs and if it is wrong getting it replaced ASAP

  • my old dd1 podium was always 60 degrees everything worked correctly

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