QR2 for GT DD Pro

I was wondering if you guys have any experience with the QR2 on the GT DD Pro ?

And will the QR2 help or solve the known Connection Error issue? This is my issue right now, again :(

I am thinking about buying the QR2 bundle.

Please let me know!


  • Hello,

    Yes it will make the connection more secure as it comes complete with an improved clamp. The QR2 is more secure too.

    However you can get pretty much the same result with a €10 2 part clamp off ebay and also using the metal QR1.

  • Dear Braking_Badly,

    My base went back to Fanatec last december and they already installed a new and improved clamp.

    They then, send it back to my and after 2 weeks, the problem occured again. So that is why I was wondering.

    And because it takes ages before Fanatec replies, I thought I might try the forum.

  • I fixed DD Pro shaft issue years ago without the new clamp. But the one you have is much better. But what i did is fix it according to the guide, and every time it came loose I tightened it just a bit more. The guide suggests 10nm but a lot of users tightened it to 15nm. I doubt if Fanatec would suggest going over the suggested torque, but it works. And if you broke the clamp, then i guess you can just get the QR2. Just make sure you are aligning everything according to the guide. The wheel i fixed was in early 2022 and has not disconnected since.

    But if you only have one wheel now and want to get more wheels later? Or if you have two wheels and you like the idea of swapping wheels in seconds. I personally would suggest the QR2 before you have a bunch of wheels that need to be upgraded.

  • Well oke, maybe the difference in torque can be the solution. I will try this. Just received a reply from Fanatec, to send them a video again of the problem. So everything is in progress now and hopefully I can find a solution or otherwise a nice discount on a QR2. But I doubt it :)

    thanks for your advice so far!!

  • Ah yes, I also went tighter than 10nm. Forgot about that.

    Ivo, maybe the USB-C is damaged from when it first slipped? Is it still in warranty? If not the shafts do appear on ebay for cheap as people upgrade to QR2.

  • They send me a new shaft the first time. After that the problem occurred again. So they wanted me to send the base back. They checked everything and assembled the better collar ring. Now after a total of 15 hours racing, in a two week span, problem appeared again. And I haven’t set the highest possible feedback. FYI I only play GT7.

    so I guess I am out of options.

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