New base?


I am running PlayStation 5.

In this video (at 12:50),Super GT is being secretly.

I have ordered the new dd+, and waiting for its release.

The dd+, is not a podium right? However, it’s NM is as strong or even a bit stronger than the F1 dd1 Podium.

Does this mean that a new style Podium is coming?


  • Could be, or it could be just Super GT saying the stuff he says. They could just be looking at the DD+

    However if Fanatec gets Fullforce on these bases going, and out into games, it makes sense to have a new Podium that also has it as it has been their flagship. DD1/2 is pretty old now.

    But I doubt they will announce it before the DD+ gets on the market, and the cost would likely be much higher.

  • Yes, I agree with you.

    However, if the license is delayed even longer, there will be more people canceling the dd+ order.

    Will the financial aspect of such amounts of cancellations push them to bring a new base on the marked?

    (This is simply my thoughts and speculations)

  • how much money did they get from BF, as well as from CS DD/DD+, and from that profit they withdrew a lot of funds through the state, investors, sponsors, etc., so that the financial aspect currently holds a very high rating for them and there is no fear for them.

    and various projects are in the background, only nothing is known exactly for the public.

    the first big project QR2 will last 2 years, and they have to make a lot of money on it first.

    this process is long and painful mostly for the users, but for them it is a pure business pleasure.

  • My speculation: All i see for DD+ is legal stuff going on between Fanatec and Sony. Maybe some Quality Control. New Electronics (padlock) and Sony is just ensuring the premium for licensing into their pocket. Delays are all cause by the people in the middle and the back and forth between the two companies. It's not uncommon for red lining to go on and on, because there are too many people involved. Too many concerns over stuff like IP. It will release soonish... If licensing was ez. We'd have more options.

    But the Clubsport DD and DD+ along with QR2 highlight what Fanatec wants to do. I expect they intend to release a number of updated Clubsport accessories, and bring the Podium platform up to date as well. What they'll get done I dunno. But you can see the plans in the product.

    Fanatec is an engineering company and they need to have the products to compete with the rapid things going on in Sim Racing right now.

    Because they have console support, some will cancel, some will wait, and other will order DD Pro. And when it's finally released many will re-order. Until other companies get licensing for PS5, that's how it will be.

    For anyone who does not have a base. Or now has everything but a base... It truly sucks. And we all know they need to upgrade their communication game.

    But they are not releasing all these new products because they intend to fail.

    And yeah... this is getting long to read, but it's also worth noting that many consumers are going to PC only racing to avoid this. I doubt it's enough to move the market though. Console is where most people start racing.

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    I have a great deal of respect and understanding for the delay. It sucks for me because I have everything. Sim-lab gt rig. Fanatec v3 pedals with 2 dampeners and Podium Porsche gt with shifters and QR2. I sold my dd1 F1, and can’t even start to explain how much I regret selling it.

    If they are going to be coming out with a new Podium base shortly after I get my dd+, I will be devastated. I do not have tens of thousands in sim budget to get everything.

    Shout out to Fanatec.. If you guys have a dd1 for PS, even without the F1 wheel laying around, I’m interested!! πŸ€—πŸ˜πŸ˜‰

    I am a solid Fanatec fan and will be waiting for the new exiting dd+…

  • I dunno what you were running your DD1 at, but I run mine 50-60/10/12 nm. I think with the new slew rates DD+ will be comparable. I hope anyways. I might run it higher on GT7. Their FFB has gone through a few phases, and I haven't played for some time. But on PC the FFB is so strong that I never need that much torque. The extra just sort of helps the clipping.

    So even if they do release a Podium and it has PS compatibility. It's gonna be out of my price range. I only got the original DD1 because of the first black friday deal in 2022? And as nice as it is, it sort of felt old compared to the DD Pro i sold. Stronger, but older. I also never had any issues with my DD1 vs the DD Pro.

  • I do not have a pc. I usually drive on GT7.

    I had the dd1 set at 100% and usually ran the ffb on the game at 4-6. Depended on what (car-kart) vehicle I was driving. That’s why I figured that a dd+ would do the job. Newest hardware and software. The qr1 would make clunking notices after driving for a while. and needed to tighten it up almost daily.

    But, I was happy with it.

    I experienced some "shut off", but that got solved by some updates .

    How ever, the F1 wheel felt a bit to narrow for me and never got used. I have only driven for 1 year when I sold it. I got pain in my wrists. Simply because I did not yet have my ergonomic in order. Spent so much time adjusting. I am 52, and not a youngster anymore. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰

    So my expectations are high and I have high hopes in this new dd+. πŸ€—πŸ˜‰

    But, I have one big problem….If a new podium shows up, I will have to have it.. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • This was the GT-R Red Bull Ring challenge when the movie was out.

    Add me, and let’s race…when I get my base, that is. 🏁

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    if talk about dd2, that thing is so strong that i not sure if you actually need a FullForce for this device

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    I am also involved in a sim racing group for kids who don’t owne their own equipment. Tho country lets us use an old school building. Now that my rig is not operational, the kids only have 2 other rigs to play with. I have been back and forth home and clubhouse several times a week with my rig to let them feel sporty. Feels so sad to tell all these youngsters that they will have to wait a bil longer before my rig is ready.

    @Fanatec , please sponsor us a little? We need everything.

    peace and love

    Vidar Andersen πŸ˜‰πŸ‘πŸ₯°

  • So I was Right.

    A new bundle got released today.

    My dd+ says ready to ship on the 26. of Feb. However the new dd extreme can ship in 4 days.

    I feel like they are stabbing me in the back.

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