Problem with my new CSL DD


I recently purchased "CSL DD Ready2Race F1 Esports Bundle for PC" and built it today.

I connected it to the PC and turned it on, the steering wheel started to turn (I imagine it was calibrating) and little by little the rev lights came on. Currently after 2 hours, the steering wheel continues to turn (it makes the same movement all the time) and all the rev lights are on.

Since this is my first time with this steering wheel, I don't know if this is normal or not, or if I have to do something to make it stop spinning.

The app on the PC for the steering wheel still does not detect it and everything is connected.

Could anyone help me? 😔


  • It seems to me that you did not follow the detailed procedures.

    you have a manual, you have youtube options. they are all around you.

    just before you turn on anything, put the steering wheel up, first read the manual carefully.

  • I'm having the same issues. I followed everything from Fanatec's manuals and youtube videos. Once I turn it on the wheel maybe movies slightly only. Barely an inch. When I try using it on GT 7 all the buttons work but it doesn't steer at all

  • Hey guys I need help my csl dd pro is 15 months old never had a problem with it now every time I go into a game the wheel just goes crazy I’ve tried everything help 🥵

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