need help xbox only half buttons ps5 not working pc is fine

hey guysi am at a loss i dotn know what to do anymore

i have a new wheelbase that came in today

its the gt dd pro

i have tried diffrent firmware updates and such following the forums and what they say atm rocking this

and this

both wheels only seems to be working half on xbox

the a button does not work i cant more up down left right and so on

my pedals do work and i can race but cant use menus at all

besides that when i go to my ps5 nothing works it does not even recognise my base or anything

so i am at a total loss then i tested pc and yes pc works really good

no problems there but i dont know what to do i tried 455 but that dident work nd now i am just tired :(plz help me already contacted support but thats gonne take at least a week


    • you have not the right wheel base firmware. v451 have CSL DD / GT DD PRO Base: and you got 1.11.3. so you must downgrade the wheel base firmware
    • The McLaren V2 GT3 have in 451 Firmware 46. if downgrading Wheel base help not you must downgrade the McLaren Wheel to 46 as well
    • than everything should work

    problems with firmware can happen on other brands too.

  • The lights, display, and many of the buttons won't work on the Xbox anyway. I don't have an Xbox, but I think you can't navigate the menus with the steering wheel. This has always been a source of debate. Maybe this year Fanatec will provide the tool for game developers to implement these functions.

    On PS it should work, maybe you just need to pair the wheel with the console by pressing the PS button on the wheel. In the manual there is a table indicating the button bindings on the PS.

    The fact that firmware problems could occur with other brands is frankly nonsense.

    Any other non-Fanatec product arrives at home already with the firmware working perfectly. Only the drivers are constantly updated. In the average life of each product, a maximum of a couple of new firmwares are released, linked only to changes in technology on the PC side, while Fanatec issues 10 per year. Companies, other companies, absolutely do not recommend doing the firmware update. It is useless and it is dangerous to do so. In most cases the firmware update is not covered by warranty. I've been playing with computers and consoles for 40 years, and I have never, ever, done a firmware update on a non-Fanatec product. So allow me, no, firmware problems only concern Fanatec because no other company expects you to do firmware updates.

  • you can navigate on xbox with the funky switch through the menus. so you need no controller

    he have the firmwares from v455 so it will not help him, to start arguments if other hardware manufactors make firmware updates. by the way nobody is forced to make that update if everthing runs fine. but v 455 didn´t run fine. so he have to downgrade or wait if a new firmware be released. if you playing with consoles you should know that there always be firmware update in backround. but there you have no choice if you want to use features like xbox live, gamepass etc..

  • ok guys new update i got everything to work but how do i downgrade only my wheel from 47 to 46 cant seem to find that info

    the last problem i have now is my steering wheel displays flickers on both wheels in ps5 and xbox mode dident have that yesterday but at least i can race now and do all of the games :D

  • it does work on xbox all the buttons should work and now they do

  • so yeah i am good on firmware 455 apperantly i dident downgrade everybody tells me what to do but nobody tells me how

    i checked the manual in the update and i followed it to the tee and that did not seem to help

  • If it works don't do any kind of downgade. It's very risky. If you only have minor annoyances you can live with, wait for the new firmware.

    Before installing the new firmware when it comes out, wait a few days and make sure there are no complaints from other people who have the same configuration as you.

    It is not the right time to have faults and ask Fanatec for assistance.

    When your wheelbase is no longer under warranty, do not make any more updates unless it is strictly necessary.

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    I have the same problem as you, can you explain to me how you did with the downgrade to 451

    That to me the lights keep flashing and nothing works on xbox on pc yes

    Thank you

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    1. download Driver v451 from this site
    2. deinstall the current Fanatec Control Panel
    3. install the v451 Driver
    4. select on the sidebar firmware update
    5. open Firmware Manager
    6. select manual firmware update/device recovery
    7. select the 2. wheel base not the first motorfirmware did not changed
    8. downgrade to
    9. select mcLaren wheel
    10. downgrade to 46

    keep in mind you can brick your base with every up or downgrade. If you unfamiliar with such processes you should wait for a new driver update from fanatec. or maybe you know someone who can help you. It´s a risk and at the end you must send the base to fanatec if something fails. in theory everything should work but i do not work for fanatec. So you are must decide for yourself. They must fix that issues with the next firmware update.

    here is everthing explained in detail, on the last page you see the how to downgrade

  • I think it needs to be replaced. I tried it in 2 different pcs.

    And it didn't work I can't get into xbox mode.

    Weird because pc mode and pc comp. works in any version of the driver.

    The question I ask myself is that if it is true that the steering wheel contains compatibility it could be electrocuted the xbox chip.

    Because pc mode is perfect.

  • i think it can be handled with firmware update. but at the end of the day fanatec have to fix it. they can´t expect that people fix things they hat to mess up with not enough testet firmware updates. Not understandable that they bring no fix for it

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