Nothing but headaches

Would you like to race , or spend most of that time trying to get this garbage hardware and useless software to work? If all you want to do is screw around with this junk, mostly to no avail, buy Fanatec. Most of my driving games do not work with this crap and there is no tech support to help me out. Again, NO TECH SUPPORT! I made the huge mistake and bought the new DD with the V3 pedals, plus the universal hub and I'm here to tell you that it is complete garbage and an insane waste of money. I've used Logitech's wheels for years and never had the issues I'm now experiencing. In Dakar racing, the invert axis does not work, so that game is no longer playable. For Wreckfest there is no support whatsoever, so that game is also unplayable. Same for Dirt5, Crew2 and the Forza series. AC and ACC seems compatible, but that's about it. The base also has continuous trouble recognizing the wheel, so bad that in order for this junk to be recognized I have unplug and reattach the power supply. Their firmware updates are also a waste of time as I still can't update the wireless , nor the wheel. I thought that German engineering was supposed to be the best. Not. Chinese junk. Logitech is Chinese-made, too, but at least it works. Fanatec ARE a bunch of lying bozos that take your money and that's that. If it breaks or not working properly, you are on your own. Save your money and PLEASE by from a reputable vendor, which is certainly NOT Fanatec.


  • Wrong, butthead...

  • I am now on multiple brands (this is Fanatecs fault). Fanatec is the most difficult to get support from, but what I have learned over the years is that Logitech is the last Plug and Play experience you are likely going to have. If that is what you want, they have a massive software/hardware team vs pretty much everyone else and that is why it's so simple.

    But they have no ecosystem. Even if you go with their DD there are no accessories.

    From your post I am assuming you went from Logitech to CS DD? I did something similar years ago and it's a massive leap to go from a Logi to a brand new product.

    In my case it was the DD Pro. Had similar issues and because it was brand new there were not enough users to have solved all of the issues. Best case scenario is everything works fine, but now you have a thousand settings to adjust you don't understand...

    But i kept on and kept upgrading things and i enjoy it.

    The one thing i see over and over is people going from Logitech, or TM, to the "Enthusiast" brands, and having similar, difficult experiences.

    Should it be more plug n play? yup. But that's where we're at. You can watch multiple Fanatec competitors addressing some of the issues, by simplifying software and such, but no one is at the Logi level of simplicity.

    And it is frustrating, but once you cross that threshold? For some of us. There's no going back.

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    i think we should not talk about eco. fanatec / moza and all the other expensive setups are far away from eco because off cost, Logitech is most eco steering wheel what you even seen, when it breaks down then who cares , you go buy another one and its still cheaper than buy expensive DD setups

    now if DD breaks down that is shitload money wasted so that is far away at eco

  • But Logitech has a DD now. So it's fair. If you bought into the Logitech DD you would spend similar money with no ecosystem. And if it broke you would be in a similar situation. Though RMA and support would likely be much easier if it was under warranty.

    And most people find even the cheaper Logitech wheels to be too expensive. When my G27 died. I was in no situation to go out and buy a G29. I went a couple years without being able to replace it. Money is relative to your situation.

    Anyways. My point was that a lot of people are surprised at how much of a hassle Sim Racing and Sim Gear is once you leave Logitech. And it is frustrating. You just expect more when you spend more.

  • Well now that Logitech has a direct drive wheel you can get the best of both worlds.

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    i not talked nothing about best tho, i talked about eco

    if you really want talk best then it could be that you sit atm in wrong company forum as for example DD2 is already 5 years old? allot has been changed at with 5 years

  • Very true, Fanatec has declined badly in the last 5yrs

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