Refund time ?

So after my last forum and some stressing research, i decided to refund my order.

I wanted the CSL DD Bmw pack but someone told me that in europe the delivering will start on 21 march,even if they took my money and said to me that all the products were in stock.

So now I want to make a refund but I'm scared because of their response time.

Does anyone know how long I need to wait before I will recieve the money?


  • Some people next day, others have been and still are waiting months. If it's not processed, you can cancel and do a chargeback through paypal or the method you used to buy. If it is processed, just do the chargeback.

  • that 21 march is not total accurate info because you never tell what you actually ordered

  • What does the cancellation process has to do with what he ordered?

    @popica matei, I've tried to cancel with email but with no response from them. Therefore I requested a chargeback to my bank and got the money back in a couple of days. The dispute is not finished, so they informed me that I'll be charged again if the dispute doesn't conclude in my favor, I don't see how that could happen anyway.

    I also used a credit card for the purchase, chargebacks seem to be handled easier with credit cards or paypal payments. Don't know what is your situation.

  • Hello, I am from Spain. On Friday the 19th, when I found out about the new delay of the DD+, I canceled my order. On Monday, I already had notification from my bank that the money was on the way and on Thursday I already had the money. Now, on Wednesday the 31st, I am supposed to receive my DDpro with BMW rim I hope to be of help!!!

  • someone give him at in this forum the false info, that what is that todo with this

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