25% discount?

Hello everyone.

how do i get the 25% discount?

I canceled my order and explained my reasons and specified that the only way I will return to place the order will be if I receive the voucher, which is totally true.

I canceled the order on Thursday, and today I received the full amount of money, but still no email from them.

So I came to ask you what I should do.


  • the only thing you can do is write a ticket.

  • was this order a f1 2.5 wheel between 24 to 27. then write to the support but be aware that you will wait very long for a answer. because people spaming all chancels that fanatec have, so they have no chance to answer the serious ones. if it´s not the case that you got a no email on 15th december i believe you get no voucher.

    i know that some people canceld the dd+ order and want now a voucher so they have to pay only 750 euros

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