Do this people care about the people that buy or they just sale and dont care?

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more than30 emails and not a single answer from no one. Besides, I haven't receive my steering wheel. I have everything except for that hahaahaha what a company jesus!


  • Obviously you have to send at least another 30 E-Mails. That will make it waaaaay easier for Support to answer fast and on point.

    You‘re welcome.

  • just do the math. if every Customer who has a problem sends more than 30 emails, how long will it take to get an answer?

  • Imagine paying 600 dolars and dont even get good costumer service. Without counting that you don't now when, where or if they are going to send a steering wheel! ;)

  • I understand where you’re coming from. But this IS indeed actually one of the biggest problems. Because lots and lots of people didn’t receive their orders, they turned to Customer Service. Lots of them wrote multiple emails. Nobody knows how many of those mails are easily relatable to figure out if this is a new issue or a known issue. Imagine many people typed in subject matters something like „when I do get my order?!“. Customer Service has to read every single mail. Due to Fanatec’s problems with logistics and warehouses, which I don’t want to play down and which resulted in many angry customers who I totally understand, there must be thousands of emails to be read…

    Truth is some people received a response for tickets created in October 23. I just can recommend patience & trust as hard as it is.

    I spent 1.300€ for a DD+ and 3 QR2 and another 1.500€ for a BMW M4 GT3 in the middle of the storm and 400€ during Black Friday week. I had to wait just a few days, weeks or months delay which is peanuts compared to guys like you. But I can relate to the uncertainty you feel about the money you spent and the order you haven‘t received yet.

  • Ok, but you need to stop blaming people for writing to customer service! It's obvious that people want to know what happened to their products or their money. This is how people behave, and this is why real serious companies respond to their customers immediately!

  • james talked about something the 35000 orders, if everyone would be the customers then

    35000 *30 =1050000 emails, it probaply would take years for read them

  • Yes, this is exactly the point that no one here seems to want to understand. It is the company that must avoid these extreme situations, not the customer. Companies respond immediately to their customers, often relying on external call centers, precisely to avoid the domino effect and bad publicity on social media.

    And this situation is the fault of Fanatec or rather of its CEO, who has managed the situation with perfect immobility, and who continues to speak as if he himself is staring at the victim, and not the architect of this disaster.

    Customers only need to buy, not manage the company they buy products from.

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    yes even i agree with you , there also in real word the situations what you may not expect to happen. usually people of-course learn also from those mistakes and make them as stronger, but there is also this type people who not even care and it might repeat again.

    that what happened for them is not fixable with overnight. it is kind off long process for produce the products

  • Please keep in mind, you are comparing a highly specific ~150 employee Company (Fanatec/ Endor) with 15.000 (Logitech) to 1.500.000 (Amazon) employee companies…

  • why doesnt fanatec get more employee i have been waiting for 3 months

  • maybe they do… they‘d also need to be instructed. investigation takes time, too, if the database of orders, stock and shipments is defektive and therefore not trustworthy.

    If you contact Amazon for example for a missing order they don‘t even investigate. They‘ll just send another product because it‘s easier for them, the Customer will be satisfied and the have the money to act like that. They don‘t even care if you tell them the missing Order also arrived after the replacement and now you have two products

  • Order #1900243 received after 1 month and 12 days after order date, and guess what? I need more time because they didn't send the QR1 lite that was suppose to be ready to ship the time I ordered.... so I bought 2 QR1, once again, ready to ship, paying for an overnight delivery, let's wait to know how much longer I will wait for use my CSL DD..

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