Does Fanatec support exist ????

I bought clubsport v3 pedals, used for few days and they got bricked by theirs drivers update. Now I am waiting weeks for message from Fanatec and still nothing. Called the support line but they closed it because they are focusing on e-mail responding 😂😂😂

Anyone have idea what to do?

And yes, i used only USB cable


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    Seems like the only solution is to have the PCB reflashed by them :( .

    They must have some specific debugging software that can do that , which probably won't be released to the public so as not to back engineer their code. (

    Good luck with the issue, hope you manage to get and answer.

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    I would not hassle for an RMA repair. Its new and defective. I would request for RMA return and refund. If they don't respond in a few days initiate a credit card dispute. A day after I did a credit card dispute for a RMA return they responded with RMA#. I kept the dispute open until I got my refund 2 days after they got the return. Not sure why so many wait weeks/months for Fanatec to respond before opening a dispute.

  • lot of people run pedals on usb and base at the same time. So they destroy the board by themselfes. So fanatec must test that before refunding people. But if support dont work i will open a dispute as well. Maybe the only chance to get through at the moment.

  • il supporto di assistenza Fanatec non funziona sono 2 mesi che cerco assistenza il mio cs dd non ha mai funzionato sono delusissimo da fanatec

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