Gran Turismo® DD Extreme: the ultimate gear for GT7



  • Feb 9, 2024 at 15:18 Fanatec time on their initial invoice. Overnight to Maryland.


  • I did ground. When they were shipping from La Mirada CA I would get it next day. It's 3 days now from Texaa.

  • Well I'm worried now. One more day and still no tracking from fedex website.

  • Is the extreme already released in europe? Dont think so Wright another delay of a month.

  • First DDX customers have already been using it for a week in Europe.

  • Then I'm to late with ordering my stuff and need to wait another month (without problems)! I think its the best wheelbase at the moment.

  • It is here! Unfortunately, I don't have time to set it up now and give it a spin. Certainly tomorrow though.

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    Am from UK & mine came two days ago

  • Just picked up my Extreme from FedEx office. Cant complain to much it was 12 days from order to arrival. I did cancel 2 DD+ orders, one when they announced the licensing issue, Ordered a 2nd one when it looked like it was resolved but canceled for the Extreme. Just hoping there are no issues. Will test it out this weekend. Now I can ease back on checking FedEx and the forum frequently and start racing.

  • The base is seen as CSL DD Pro, but the steering wheel is not recognized, so it doesn't take input, if I put another steering wheel it works.

  • Ordered 2/9 no shipment or FedEx notification. Order 1916074. What's wrong with Fanatec?

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    I think at this point, those of us who order the CS DD extreme on 2/9 and have not received any tracking info need to pray we get pick in the next batch of bases available around 3/8, because is clear they keep over selling items and the whole first come first serve ordering system at Fanatec is non-existing.

  • Got mine. Unfortunately, I've run afoul of the "random disconnects" bug in the current firmware - a known issue, apparently. Happens often enough that I can't even get into an online race without running the risk of disconnecting in the middle of the race. Until they fix it, I'm dead in the water.

    Otherwise, it's a very, very nice wheel and wheelbase. When it works, I love it.

  • What is the driver? 456?

    did you try revert to 455?

    i am thinking to downgrade to 455 tomorrow and see if its better.

  • I started with 455. Had the issue. Went to 456 RC. Had the issue. Went to 454. Had the issue. Now back at 455. It's not even the driver, but the firmware (according to Maurice), and the latest firmware doesn't fix it yet as it was intended to do. It happens on the PS5 as well, so the driver doesn't even matter at that point. neither does Fanalab (in my case).

  • well, after sending an email yesterday morning requesting explanation or else i would be placing a claim with my bank to get my money back, tracking info was received late last night and is expected to come tomorrow. Not sure if the email did anything at all, but I'll take it. Now lets hope i don't get the disconnect issues.

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    How can it be that the "Gran Turismo® DD Extreme: the ultimate gear for GT7" was released 3 ish weeks ago without being actually integrated in-game into GT7...!?!?

    Furthermore - now the monthly GT7 game update 1.43 was released today, and it still didn't bring the Fanatec DD+/DDx settings, nor FullForce implementation to GT7. Seriously, PolyphonyDigital & Fanatec: wtf... !?!?

    Guess we'll have to wait yet another months, or 3... :/

    The shambles & disbelief, around an otherwise great product, i.e. the DD+ wheelbase, continues. What a "great" first time Fanatec customer experience all around (for me and many others) this is...

  • I'm glad but it doesn't make sense tbh. I have a friend in Canada waiting for his DD+ since November.

    I'm in Europe, ordered the DD Extreme last Monday (February 27th) during the couple hours where it went from "preorder" to "ships in 4-7 days" (before going back to preorder March 25th). Got the pedals and shifter yesterday and the base/wheel today (UPS got a delivery issue that added a day). So I can't fault Fanatec or everything and I fall in the team of "Fanatec is great and delivers on time". But when I see the troubles some are in here, it really doesn't make any sense. Why are some orders super-fast and perfect while others are delayed for months with truckloads of issues is beyond me. There's a serious stock management issue.


    I got my Gran Turismo DD+ Extreme delivered yesterday, 03/01/24; from FedEx. Excited, happily mounted it, it turned on, wheel went round and round upon booting. Put it into my PS5, doesn’t seem to be recognized so I figure it might need that first firmware update. So I go connect it to my PC to update the firmware. I follow the instructions exactly. When I go look, the power button is no longer lit up or red; the wheel however, all 4 analogs are lit up white. Pressing buttons on the wheel does nothing; holding the power button for 3 seconds and 10 seconds does nothing. The wheel and base both are completely unresponsive. Not once was I ever able to properly use it or play a game with it. As for the situation on my hand, some forums say its defective out the box, some say the firmware crashed and bricked it. Either way, as anyone spending that amount of money can imagine, a new item out the box should not be having these issues. A big part of me wants to send it back and get my money back which in fact I have already started the refund process because I am so disappointed in Fanatec selling me something that doesn’t work out the box. I hope they read this and give me a solution, otherwise its going back. Has anyone here experienced this? Your help greatly appreciated.

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    The same way 4k tvs where sold before 4k content was widely available.

    the same way tvs where sold as “digital tv ready” before digital signals where used…

    you cant blame manufacturers for making products before the technology is out.

    doesn't mean its not going to happen…

    Don’t get why your blaming Fanatec since they have done there side.. they dont work on game development.

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    So DD Extreme goes "Ready to ship" late last week but for some reason pre ordered units in Australia have had no movement. How hard is it to start the process if there is stock....

  • Same issue with mine. When it works well. Came from a 8nm DD Pro that would randomly dissconect. Tried several fixes resulting in no 100% reliable solution. Jumped into this thing hoping for a different outcome.

  • Ich habe das Problem dass beim Fahren die Effekte (Force Feedback) mitten im Spiel aussetzen, das heißt keine Rückmeldung mehr, Du kannst zwar lenken aber eben ohne irgendwelchen Wiederstand.

    Dann schalt ich die Wheelbase aus, warte kurz, schalt wieder an und es geht wieder.

    Was ist das nur für ein scheiß Problem. 455 ist aufgespielt.

    Und das man die Einstellungen nur am PC machen kann (LED Farben etc) ist eh völlig unverständlich bei einem Lenkrad was angeblich für die PS5 entwickelt wurde Du aber die Einstellungen nicht im vollem Umfang nutzen und speichern kannst. jedesmal musst also qausi über PC Deine Farbeinstellungen machen und dann rüber zur PS5 und selbst dann übernimmt er nicht alles wie zB die Multifunktionsanzeige im Display und das für 1300 Euro.

    Außerdem rauscht meine Wheelbase als würde durchs offene Fenster der Wind pfeifen.


    Habt ihr Tipps vor allem wegen dem Ausfall des Force Feedback mitten im Rennen?

  • It's a known issue. Unfortunately, we won't see any potential fix for it until driver 457 and the firmware it comes with. That's supposed to happen this month sometime.

    I hope it works, because I'm tired of it happening.

    As for the configuration, I agree. Full setup options in the wheelbase should be possible., or at least quick-settings for things such as lights. After all, my $30 controller allows me to do that with just a button combination.

    I hear they're working on a mobile app. Maybe that will eventually help.

  • First of all, thank you very much for the answer,

    yes, that's really annoying, I hope that the settings can be saved to the PS5 via FanaLab, why do I have both of them, an absurdity that can only be controlled via PC but then at least transferred to the memory so that you don't have to use the PC every time The multidisplay on the steering wheel also has to start.

    I have the app as a beta version on my cell phone but I can't get any further with it.


  • This wheel is a disaster. I have had nothing but problems with it from day 1.

    Firstly i have fanalabs etc, i have the latest driver firmware, 456, i have updated the base, wheel, the quick release and my pedals, clubsport V3's.

    So, with 455 i was getting disconnects where the FFB and Gears and 4 lit buttons would stop functioning on ACC, also the funky stick would suddenly stop moving in the menu's and start changing an unknown value in the wheel settings!

    It was stable on PS5 versions of F1 23 and GT7

    now im running 456 and GT7 keeps disconnecting! losing the FFB and Gears and any other button function!

    What is going on Fanatec?

  • Can someone please help me.

    i received my dd extreme 2 weeks ago and it doesn’t work!

    after a couple of corners I lose all ffb and inputs to the wheel. I’ve updated to the most recent driver release and found the next fanatec driver on this forum but it’s made the problem worse!

    I have submitted an RMA but haven’t heard a single thing back?

    what on earth is going on?

  • despite my order 1847063 of v2.5 x which did not arrive, I placed an order 1922911 again for a v3 crankset, a qr2, a kit and a shock absorber, everything was available! when paying the shock absorber changes to March 7! well ok I accept at the end two days ago it goes to April 11th. ??? without warning me!!! fanatec you are assholes with no respect for your customers! I am disgusted !!!!

  • fanatec you have the attitude of a crook, I call on you to no longer order your products! go your way! go to other brands!!!

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