My new clubsport dd+ completely died in less than two hours.

Hi, Anyone with similar problems?

I only used it for less than an hour before it completely died.

I turned it on, connected the power cord, USB/PC and pedals. After that it started without problems, I updated firmware without problems, I confirmed that the application correctly displayed the base with the new version and I updated the firmware of several steering wheels.

Once I have completed the previous steps, I have start the f1 2023 game on to do the first tests, and I have not used it for even 40 minutes, the base wheel has been disconnected during the game and the power button light has gone out.

I have tried to turn it back on and it doesn't respond to anything. I have disconnected the cables, I have reconnected them, I have left the button pressed... I can't get it to respond.

I have explained the same in the SUPPORT REQUEST


  • Some people, including me, had the exact same problem. I had to send my base to Fanatec for RMA. I have no idea why, but something is causing the base to be bricked up.

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    Good morning, could someone confirm for me if on your ClubSport DD+, when you turn it on, the power supply status light partially turns off?

    It's the only indication that my wheel base is at least trying to start, but I don't know if it's a problem with the wheel base or the power supply.

    Of course I don't have a response from Fanatec yet.

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    One week, 0 reply from fanatec...

    Do you know what the normal response time is?


  • Response to emails sometimes takes 2 weeks. RMAs can take 1 to 5 months.

  • Hello, i am in your club now, i receive my base last week, i play maybe 5 times since then, today i press the power botton, no initialization, i try to press again, nothing happens.

    My Base is now dead, i only see a Fanatec symbol at my 2.5x wheel but the LED on the base don´t illuminates, the base don´t response at any input/pressing the Power Botton.

    I also try to force a firmware update with pressing 10 seconds the button, nothing, i seems to be bricked.

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    Hello, I'm sorry for your situation, at least you have response on the steering wheel, I don't even see the fanatec symbol in my formula v2.5 . I only see when I press the power button on the wheel base, the power supply status light partially turns off.

    Today I had my first reply from Fanatec, they asked me if I can try downgrade the driver version on my pc, I suppose it is a standard response to consider the incident answered in time.

    Once I have explained the problem to them again, I have kindly asked them that the only thing I want is to know if I have to wait for some type of confirmation about my withdrawal request to return the product to them. Even so, I have tried like a fool and the problem persists.

    I sold my dd pro in November trusting the promised release date. Even with the months delayed, I understood the situation and waited patiently.

    Several thousand invested in fanatec waiting for this...

    I'm not angry, just bored. I think I'm going to sell my simracing system and leave this hobby for a while.

  • Any Updates for a Support reply or something else?

    It is so frustrating to wait and wait and wait....

  • There were no responses after the first one from Fanatec, this week I wrote to them again in the email thread, asking for a more agile communication channel and an effective solution for my problem and for the colleagues on the forum who are having the same problem. . I have not received any response... if in the next week I do not have efficient responses, I will open a claim to the European consumer center and return the product following the steps of the withdrawal form although I do not have confirmation from you to send it.

    I'm also writing comments on every post they make on their official Instagram account, but they don't pay attention to me. I hope at least a month so that some future clients know what this company is about.

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