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classic stories in this camp of lies.

people wonder why and how nothing can be solved normally in this camp, and we all know that it can be because we live in the modern age of technology.

ceo the Thomas and James act as if they are Jedi. they wave their fingers and convince people of the opposite of what is. unfortunately many believe them.

mostly, it's all carefully thought out and with the intention of making millions of €, $, rupees or whatever. how many will be dissatisfied with delivery, quality, defects, RMA procedures is not important at all. many do not even see the background of everything. and these liars know it all very well.

the world is cruel and those who have not understood it until now fall into the trap of such lies.

FanaSCAM will never give up its way.

how it would be if the world was fair and just. FanaSCAM is proof that this is not the case.



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