DD+ Button Module Endurance GT7 Analog Joystick Axles in opposite direction

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does anybody can confirm these behavior?

The analog joystick of the BME is working in opposite direction. When I move the AJ to the left side the "mouse pointer" in the game is moving to the right side. Also the same in vertical direction.

Is it possible to change the axle direction?

With my Clubsport RS and Formula V.2.5 wheel the AJ works correct.

Regards Peter


  • Same for me. With dd+ and podium hub in gt7

  • I have the same problem, additionally I noticed the two buttons next to the funky switch (cross and square) having weird behaviour. When pressing either of those buttons it activates both cross and square functions at the same time. So let's say I have cross assigned to horn and square to nitro, when pressing either of those two buttons it will activate both horn and nitro. When pressing the funcky switch it's only cross so it's just those two buttons. I noticed this in another racing game on PS5 as well so appears to be PS5 platform wide. This problem does not occur on PC, nor on PS5 with my GT DD Pro wheelbase so it appears to be specific to the DD+.

  • i noticed the same as well on dd+ with pbme(firmware from 455 applied to all parts), crossed joystick and top right buttons not properly mapped. The joystick and buttons work fine when connected to pc and in pc mode. Its only when its connected to ps5 in ps mode running in gt7 where I start seeing the incorrect controls.

    Also, is it me or does gt7/dd+ firmware not honoring force feedback strength correctly? 100% on the wheel, 3 in gt7 should be 4.5nm but feels like its 12. On my pc ffb feels fine and is in line with what i expect. i always run 100% on the wheelbase and adjust in game.

  • Same problem here. Just got DD Extreme and on GT7 PS5 with PBME left joystick is reversed navigating in game. Also mid game it will jump to look left and lock in that view causing you to crash. Is there still no resolution to fix this??? Very disappointing for a wheel that was not inexpensive.

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