Podium Paddle shifters, how to assign Bite Clutch?


I just got a Podium Porsche button box with paddle shifters, and I want to assign extra clutch to take use of the auto bite function.. But no games I use support dual input. Assetto Corsa does only support one clutch axis, and that is assigned to my foot pedal. I have to choose either rim clutch or foot clutch, but I cannot choose both. I have not seen any games that support this.. So how is everyone doing this?..



  • The Clutch Paddles use the same axis as the Fanatec pedal axis when they are connected to the base so they "just work". Nothing to configure and nothing a game needs to support.

  • This is a steering wheel setting, the procedure is described in the instruction manual or even better on YouTube.

    You press both levers, release one and a number appears on the display, typically 100 if it's not set, then with the up and down controls you lower it between 40 and 30. And then you test the start and adjust it precisely to the number you prefer.

    The game will not give you an advantage by using an ideal bite point, you have to choose it yourself, by experimenting, and remember that it may be different not only from game to game, but also between different cars in the same game.

    You can still store it in the various Fanalab profiles if you use it.

    Last thing, if you connect the pedals to the base, the axis is the same as the pedal, so if you change the dead zones of the clutch pedal, the bite point of the levers must also be set again.

    However, it should be tested before every online race, if you want to avoid miserable starts.

  • I don't have Fanatec pedals, is there any other way of doing it?

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    Other brands pedals can not share Rhe same axis as the Clutch Paddles of the wheel. That's a Fanatec exclusive feature.

    So to get the Clutch Paddles working you will need to bin the Clutch Paddles of the wheel as the Main Clutch input in the game. You then can not use the Clutch pedal of your other brand pedal set.

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